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Graham A

Chowny SWB Pro
Billingham TS23

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  After purchasing this Chowny SWB Pro off @whynot at the beginning of October i have made the decision that short scale isn't for me, so have made the decision to move it on.

  I haven't gigged with it, but it has been gigged by it's previous owner, and is in very good condition with no visible dings or dents. 

  It is currently strung through the bridge with very light gauge strings, as opposed to through the body. I also have the heavier gauge strings that it came off the production line with courtesy of @whynot which are included in the sale.

 With it being strung through the bridge when i received the bass the string retainers on the back of the bass had been removed & put in a bag. I have put them back in to take the photo's but I will do the same if i need to ship. I suspect the previous owner did this to prevent them being lost. 

 I know at the present time Chowny have suspended making left handed models, as i made an enquiry at the beginning of September, & looking at the Chowny website you still cannot order left handed models. So grab yourselves a bargain why you can.

 The price includes shipping within the United Kingdom.

 For collection i'll look at reducing the price to £525.


Information from Chowny Website 


120 x 15 x 45 cm

Body Wood

Ash with Quilt Maple in Gloss or Matt Ash/Walnut


Five Piece Maple and Walnut



Scale Length



Active EMG 2 band EQ


Pickup Selector / Volume / Tone (passive), Pickup Selector / Volume / Bass / Treble (active)


EMG Matching Jazz Set


Wilkinson Chrome






Edited by Graham A
Info from Chowny website

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Yes this is my old (but as new) bass. Gigged a few times and well looked after. I may have considered buying this back but I ordered a short scale 5 string as planned. Graham is a top bloke to deal with and this bass is a pleasure to play and sounds fabulous.

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Man, if I had not just bought a 'unicorn' Fender Short Scale  (Left Handed Fender MIJ JB62SS) I would have been all over this. 

Good luck with sale (Will keep an eye on this, if I decide to sell my '77 Kasuga Rickenbacker 4001). 

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      Well I have sold the Godin A4 (slight lip wobble) and on Saturday I put the money from the sale down as a deposit on a Chowny SWB Pro via my local music shop, hopefully they will put that order in with Chowny today. This is the first time I’ve ordered an instrument without trying it first so I’m a bit nervous but I’ve done all the research I can and I think it’s the right bass for me. I just happened to be driving past Bass Direct the previous Saturday so I dropped in because I knew they had an SWB Pro so I managed to see one but I didn’t get a chance to try it, let alone buy it, because the guy in the shop was tied up with other customers, so be it, I didn’t have long anyway but just loooking at it gave me some idea of the quality. So, the guy in the shop told me 6-8 weeks after phoning Chowny, now comes the wait. Hopefully I can sell my Fenders (fretless Modern Player and Aerodyne) so I can get an order in for an SWB-1 fretless and see if having all three types of bass in short scale will actually stop GAS?
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