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G&L L2000 Tribute (black/rosewood) £350

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They youngest and most eclectic of Leo Fender's deep-voiced children. Amazingly versatile with its ridiculous number (18?) of tonal options. Tribute series ship with the same pups as the US models so they sound like a lot shinier than lots of others in this price range.

Owned from new; bought from PMT London last year for around £520 but isn't getting the attention it deserves. Excellent condition and set-up with new strings a couple of months ago.

Come and have a play in sunny Hove. Open to shipping. Now £350.







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    • By Panos Bobolas
      Massive price drop 700 GBP (plus shipping cost)
      Hi, everyone!
      It is the vintage version (1983) of SB-2 with slab body and the original headstock before the Fender lawsuit.

      The bass was made in the legendary Fender factory in Fullerton California. 

      The bass is in its original condition and of course works flawlessly. Very low action. Amazing neck with slight flame. Very easy to play, C shape, 40mm nut width. 

      Only 2-3 small scratches on the body that you 'll see in the photos.

      I would describe the sound as a mixture of Precision (Neck PU) and Stingray (Bridge PU), with a warmer sound when both pickups are used. Definitely more flesh and output than conventional Jazz Bass PUs, it's always in the mix!

      It comes packed like a tank in an almost new soft gig bag.

      Vintage sounding Jazz bass or Mustang. I need  growling on the neck pickup (for jazzes). I don't care about the weight. Heavier means better sound...
      Thanks again
    • By 404String
      Hi guys!
      I'm selling my L2000 tribute tobacco burst.

      It's a limited edition with matching headstock in mint condition, the only mods are some strap locks and flat Pbass knobs .
      Otherwise it's pretty new, no scratch or anything.

      It comes with a Levis gigbag.

      Collection around London only.

    • By Mudpup
      Price drop to £750!
      I acquired this in an exchange on this veritable forum a short while ago as a 5 string experiment. Alas I have far too few fingers and it's not worked out for me - I'm sticking to 4 strings!! So, she's up for sale or an exchange for a 4 string G&L L2000 if anyone has one kicking around. 
      Year 2000 USA model and in fab condition (tiniest bit of buckle rash and a weeny dink on the headstock). Comes with new strings and original hard case. No issues and sounds amazing! 
      I'm based near Harlow/Bishop's Stortford and can travel to Herts/Kent/London for work so pretty flexible for delivery/demo
      Pm me with questions please and thanks for looking 😊
      (Harry, hope it's OK to use your pics - I'm in France at the moment!) 

    • By denki109
      This is an extremely rare passive G&L El Toro Bass from 1984 with matching headstock (the matching headstock versions were made specifically for the 1984 Namm Show). 
      Featuring the same unique MFD minihumbuckers that featured on the G&L Interceptor model, this is Leo Fender's amazing refinement of the Jazz Bass. While our American cousins refer to this instrument as a 'Jazz Bass Killer', I'll be far more British and opt for 'Jazz Bass-But Only More So'. Featuring serial and parallel options for the pickups and hum free operation, this instrument really lives up to its name (El Toro means 'Bull' in Spanish). 
      It's got a truly wonderful grunt to it and sits in the mix like no other bass I've played. It's very light for G&L (approximately 8.6 pounds) and is super easy to play. The neck is straight and the truss rod operates as it should. Although the bass is sporting flatwound strings in the photos, it'll be sold with standard gauge roundwounds. 
      There are a few nicks here and there. I call these the 'rewards of time' and the remnants of a sticker on the back that I'll happily remove properly before sending this fine bass to its new owner. 
      I LOVE this bass. Thanks to the vet bills for my dog's recent stint in hospital, however, desperate times call for desperate measures. 
      The bass comes with a non-original hardcase. 
      This is a unique opportunity to purchase a fantastic and rare USA-made El Toro for a little bit more than a Tribute model. 

    • By denki109
      If you're reading this you will know just how brilliant this bass is. 
      Leo Fender invented the P Bass with Fender and refined it while at G&L. And this example dates back to the mid-80s. 
      It genuinely sounds like a Precision Bass on steroids and, when employing the OMG switch, this passive instrument will leave any instrument in its dust. 
      A previous owner had added a scratchplate to the instrument and I think it looks great. In addition, it appears that the back of the bass neck has been sanded and oiles revealing a bit of beautiful flame in the maple. 
      The nut width is just above a Jazz Bass width at 39.5 mm. 
      It plays beautifully. 
      It's not too scary in the weight stakes. According to my bathroom scale, this beast comes in at 10 lbs.
      Yes, it's got a few dings. But that's because it's been used and loved. 
      Truss rod works as it should and the bass comes with a non-original hard case. 
      Were it not for a car repair bill, I would not be selling this. But, alas, desperation means that I have to part with a much loved instrument. 
      Give it a good home. Please. Priced to sell. A vintage G&L from the USA for only a wee bit more than a Tribute. 

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