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Hartke HA5000

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Here we have a Hartke HA5000 (250 watts + 250 watts) amp,  racked in a Spider (Flightcase Warehouse)  New Old Stock flight bag. (The 250w + 250w basically means that there are two speaker outputs which feed a max of 250w down each spk cable to the speakers.)

At the said price it comes complete with the 3U bag (in excellent condition), rack ears, screws and is PAT tested September 2019. The flip side - I purchased this about 8 years ago as a back-up amp and foolishly did not rack it hence two of the lights on the graphic EQ got caught on something and do not work. The 'Crossover Balance' knob shaft has also come off - but does still work with a pair of plyers if you feel the need to adjust it.

I am located on the south coast just east of Portsmouth. At this stage only a cash deal and buyer collects.Image.thumb.jpeg.466666e0493b534358e01d766be0d84d.jpegImage-6.thumb.jpeg.0d3a73fb2be819199e25a3da6f398db7.jpeg



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Hi Pete, sorry for the late reply but been away. Can I pop over & have a look at the amp. Do you have any cabs I can use to test it? Whats your address? Whats your tel number, mine is 01243 430253. Cheers, Rob.

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Hi Rob, Glad you like the amp as I have always thought it was a good one. Ref pedals - I haven't got those two but I may put a few up for sale in the coming months - keep an eye out

Best wishes


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    • By basslondon
      War torn bass head needs a little tlc electronically. One output works ok the others need attention ( possibly output mosfet replacement) other wise functions ok. May even be sorted by switch cleaner on the Mono /Biamp switch. I never bothered I just used the good output in my rehearsal studio for years!
      Sold as a fixer upper but works if you use the single good output. The other outputs sound gritty and distorted.
      Cheap as chips for a 700 watt head!
      Any queries drop me a message....

    • By benh
      Up for sale what was my trusty gigging amp, a Taurus Qube 450. 450W @ 4 ohms, 350W @ 8 ohms. From Polish manufacturer Taurus, these amps are not very often seen but one of the better class D amps I've tried. A quick google search will bring up some great reviews of these. Plenty of punch, analog preamp, and the EQ is really intuitive. I've been in two minds whether to sell this or not, but it's not being used since I stopped gigging a while ago and an impending house move means I'm unfortunately having to get rid of things I don't really want to! 
      Unfortunately I no longer have the original box for this, but will be shipped securely and well packaged. The price is £280 including courier.
      Some blurb from the Taurus website:
      Taurus Qube - 450 bass head is the smallest and the lightest bass amplifier in Taurus' amps line. The compact size of the head is attained by applying the newest, most advanced technology. The SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) power supply and Class D power amplifier in conjuction with classic analog preamp provide great efficency, power, dynamics and sound selectivity. As all Taurus amps, the Qube - 450 is very easy to operate. The MLO system equalization control achieves easy and intuitive tailored sound. This sound correction simplifies finding the right tone colour of the instrument.

      MLO System

      The "MLO" (Mid Level Optimization) is Taurus proprietary system allowing for an easy, intuitive and extremely comfortable optimization of the overall sound of the bass guitar.

      The MLO System provides all new possibilities. It ensures most accurate proportion of medium frequencies in accordance of your manual settings of bass and trebles. This very intuitive and logical system supports musician's choice for most desirable sound.

      In addition, the MLO equalizer ensures virtually no change in overall volume while changing the bass frequencies. Unlike most of the standard amps, adjusting bass frequency the musician notices change of the sound not the volume.

      Power output: 450W RMS / 4ohm , 300W RMS / 8ohm
      Main Features: analog preamp / PA class-D / SMPS
      Inputs:  passive & active

      GAIN control
      VOLUME control
      BASS and TREBLE equalizer with "MLO system" (Middle-range Level Optimization).
      Triple  BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency [DBS-cut/OFF/DBS-boost]
      Triple  TREBLE-switch to reduce or boost high frequency [CUT/OFF/PRESENCE]
      PUNCH button - increases sonic expression. Two different sound modes available Punch-1 and Punch-2

      MLO EQ - TECH INFO: 
      BASS: 40Hz +/-10dB @400Hz -/+4dB  
      BASS Boost/Cut: 60Hz +/-6dB 
      MIDDLE: 2kHz +7dB / 550Hz -7dB
      TREBLE: 6kHz +15dB / 8kHz -15dB,
      TREBLE Boost/Cut: 6kHz +8dB/-10dB

      PUNCH Low (A): 300Hz +6dB
      PUNCH High(B): 950Hz +6dB

      Other features:
      MUTE  button
      CLIP  indicator
      Protections:  short circuit, thermal overload, power overload
      Forced cooling system

      Casing dimensions: [H x W x D] 66x190x240mm
      Overall dimensions: [H x W x D] 66x190x270mm

      Weight: 2.6 kg

    • By basskit_case
      Only purchased in the last couple of weeks, bought it as a practice option to my Little Bastard valve head as this has aux in and headphone out, ideal for practice.
      However this has been used for all of 10 minutes as not long after the purchase I had an opportunity to pick up an Ashdown B-Social combo this does everything the Valeton was purchased for.
      It is as new condition complete with all packaging.
      £90 includes delivery
      FEATURES :
      ● Compact, flexible single-channel bass amp head 
      ● Pure analog preamp design with super wide tonal range 
      ● Max. 20W output power 
      ● AUX IN jack for playing with your favorite backing tracks
      ● Phones jack with built-in cab simulator
      ● Built-in chorus expands your sound dimensions
      ● FX Loop for expanded effects
      ● 4/8 Ohms compatible speaker output
      ● 18V DC power supply

    • By challxyz
      FS My Orange Bass Butler Pre / Bi amp pedal, it's a lovely piece of kit but unfortunately since changing my set up there's no place for it, which is a shame because it's such a cool pedal.

      Spec and extra info can be found on the Orange website - https://orangeamps.com/bass-butler-preamp/ 
      It's in A1 condition, I've gigged it about 4 times, been well looked after, comes with original power supply, manual and Orange box.
      Will post for extra £10 in UK.

    • By DJO
      My fellow groovers,

      Hope safe & well. 
      I am having an issue with my Markbass Amp where recently I have noticed a loud hiss. The hiss is worse if the Horn on the fender rumble is activated. 
      I have put a link to the video below where you can here it “pop & hiss” (new band name for anyone). Would greatly appreciate anyone’s advice if they have come across this before.
      video; https://youtu.be/0IDd_Bk4rdM
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