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Fender BXR 300C Bass Combo - price drop

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Located just east of Portsmouth near the coastal town of  Emsworth…..I believe this to be a 1980s combo - but open to correction. I bought this from an 'olde boy' about 5 years ago who was mainly a guitarist but played some bass. I have used it as a practise amp since and so have never cranked it up. The amp, speaker and wheels all function as they should. I have tidied the tolex up the best I can but it is from the 80's = 'roadworn'. I  had it PAT tested last Thursday 13/9/19 (along with all my gigging gear) and a rather shabby worn cover comes as a freebee to the eventual buyer. You are welcome to come and test it. Like most 80s equipment - Its heavy so won't ship, buyer collects. I make a lovely cuppa tea/coffee or maybe another type of drink...I'm asking £100.00 

Fender amp 1 Image-1.png

Fender amp 2.png

Fender amp 4.png.jpg

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Mrs Twanger would divorce me if I brought something that size into the house, particularly since I'm retired from playing out. But if I was thirty, forty years younger and starting out,  and looking for a solid, punchy amp for blues or rock, this would be a great choice at the price. The BXR300 was the first amp I ever used which competed easily with a 70 watt Pro Reverb cranked up. The HPF cleared up the mud, and my P bass sounded authoritative and just magic. I'm assuming it's all still in working order including when cranked, of course!

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Hi Twanger,

I couldn't have put it better myself (but, ah the Mrs...yup they have their views). I agree with your point about authority as my 61 P bass sounds wonderful through this. After 40yrs of playing I have accumulated around 20 amps that I need to slim down and this is one of two up for sale at present.

I'll give it another week to sell then i'll pop it on Gumtree and evil bay.

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