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Help me collect bass sounds

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Hi,i have started to collect frequency response diagrams from the basses i have and i would like to have samples from more basses so i can compare them or see how respond each bass.

So.If you like to help me,upload WMA files with open B and open E strings,full open tone control on passive basses or flat EQ on active basses and no effects.

I need only 1" before you plug the string and 1" of the note.I also need the model,what kind of strings it use and the pickups of the bass.

I dont have any problem to share the chart results here with you.

Thank you in advance.

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Interesting!  You will also need to account for playing position (near the neck/ near the bridge) and method (pick/finger) and variations of those (long nails/short nails).

These are so many variables!

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You are right.

So,lets keep things simple.

Pickups blended 50-50 and finger playing style.The target is to get the most neutral sound.

If there is a bass with piezo,its better to rec one sample only with magnetic pickups and one with the piezo alone


Its not an scientific research.Just bass sound talk.

Here are a few mine.I have the recs stored on my pc.i need to rec the E string..

VIG COBRA SELECT 5string ARTEC pickups dadario ESXL170-5



B0 VIG.wav

vig b open spl.jpg

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