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Bassist wanted - Bury/Bolton area

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Hi Bass people,


We are an experienced (in our 40s/50s) band looking for a great bass player to complete our line up. We have tried and failed to find that elusive player that has the great timing, feel and musicianship that we are looking for. We play covers ranging from Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, The Killers, Peter Gabriel, Crowded House, Queen and the likes, so you get the gist of what we do. We are a good band and really need a competent player to slot in. Must be able to learn songs at home and come ready for rehearsals, as we don't rehearse every week so use the time to finalise arrangements and tighten the songs up.


We're not looking to be out playing every week, we value quality over quantity and a decent gig every month is well enough for us. We just enjoy playing and having a laugh, although we do take the music seriously and want to give the punters the best experience we can. Cannot emphasise enough that you must be able to play to a high standard as we are fed up having to teach bass players how to play their parts and their instruments (yes seriously!). We are looking for a smooth, steady player who can lock into the drums and provide a rock steady rhythm section for us. Not interested in you being able to fly up and down the neck, we have a lead guitar player for that! If you can though, I'm sure we can allow you some of the spotlight to show off a bit with some of the songs we play...


If you fancy playing with a fun, relaxed band who are frustrated at the seeming lack of bass talent in the north Manchester area, then please, please give me a shout.





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Hi Mark,

Please can you tell us a little more about the band. Specifically:

Band name?

Band line-up?

How long have you been together?

What sort of venues/gigs are you aiming at? Do you have any in your gig diary?

So that we can appreciate the high standard at which you play, do you have any Facebook/YouTube/Website/Soundcloud links you can post here?

Thank you,


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