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Ibanez ATK800
Wellow, Newark

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A good well balanced bass with a great variation of tones. It’s served me well through my university years but don’t have a use for it anymore. It even comes with its own fitted case! 

PM me if interested :) 







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these are bloody fantastic basses. i sorely miss my one and regret selling it. it was the best slapping bass and had killer tone. i wish i could afford it as its a bargain and a silly amount of bass for the money. glwts

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    • By fclef4life
      Hey guys, I’m placing for sale one of the most comfortable bass I have had - the Ibanez SR1405 Premium. It has a very ergonomic body and neck, very lightweight. It’s the lightest 5 string bass I've ever had - 3.9kg. The sound is very organic, thanks to the instrument’s woods and the Nordstrand Big Single pickups. The Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band preamp with mids selector is very versatile, although I usually use this bass more in passive mode. It has a Jazz Bass character. This bass is in excellent condition. Price 1050 euro.

    • By Dapper Bandit
      Didn't think this one would be going, honestly but here we are:
      A fairly rare Ibanez DWB3 is now up for grabs. I've only seen one 4 and one 5 string version of this pass through this forum which is a mystery as this is a lovely bass. If you like an Ibanez neck then you know what this has to offer, not too thin front to back but has a pleasantly slim nut that encourages you to fly all over the place, should you want to.
      I had the excellent ACG EQ001 fitted by The Gallery in Camden as they certainly know their apples and there really isn't a sound this bass can't pull off!
      Why am I selling then, I hear you cry? I've got too many nice basses and I've got to cull the herd a little bit. I may also come to my senses and pull this in favour of putting something else up!
      Price is collected in Jersey if you fancy a daytrip to enjoy some sun and sea at the same time, postage can be arranged and the included hard case will keep her nice and safe.

    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks 
      I'm selling this Ibanez Musician Studio Fretless Bass on behalf of a friend of mine who's had it in his recording studio for many years but now wants to move it on. 
      Was up for £675, but It's now offered for sale at £595. 
      As can be seen in the photos, the bass and the case are in good condition for their age, considering they're getting on for 40 years old.  
      I think the bass is the lined fretless version of the Ibanez Musician ST924WN model, as can be seen here in this Reverb advert a few years ago:
      But hopefully, @Bassassin might be able to offer some words of wisdom on this and put me right if I've got it wrong .. 😁
      The bass has recently had a once over by a local guitar/bass tech, so all the electrics are working and it's properly set up. Strings are old though, so they will need changing by its new owner. 
      Having said that, this bass really has that fretless 'mwahh' sound and it's got seriously loud pick ups! There's a great range of tones available from the active circuitry too.. 
      For anyone seriously interested, the bass can be viewed and tested by prior appointment in the Littlehampton area of West Sussex. 
      With regards to shipping, its definitely possible to send it via an insured courier service (at buyers expense), but it is a heavy bass as I'm sure anyone looking at this advert with a serious interest in the bass will know.
      I haven't weighed it, but it is heavy!! It's kind of like a Rolls Royce of a bass really - everything about it is quality and it's been built to last! 
      Anyway, if you've any questions about the bass, please send me a PM and I'll go back to the owner to get you an answer, though that may take a few hours or so depending on his availability.
      Thanks for looking! 😊

    • By 3V17C
      so I have a fledgling YouTube channel for some of my solo bass compositions like this:
      have a lookee? and maybe subscribe...?!
    • By Jathan
      Hi all,
      For sale is my 1 year old Ibanez acoustic bass. Bought this a year ago from GAK (model specs can still be seen on their site), but never used as my band gave up the idea of acoustic gigs.
      Comes with a Stagg hard case that I bought separately.
      Am based near Gatwick airport.

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