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SOLD Fernandes Limited Edition P Bass and case

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Hi all,

I acquired this some months ago from here for a tribute project which has since fallen through, so I'm back to using my P/J predominantly. 
These sit alongside Tokai and Greco for beating Fender at their own game in the 80s; good build quality and value means these punch well above their price. 
Nut: 42.4mm
Weight: 4.1 kg
depth at 1st fret (from fingerboard): 19.7mm

See a demo here of the same model:


I've tried to capture the dinks and imperfections as best as I can - please do ask if you would like to see more. I'd be happy to do a video walk-through if you decide to buy remotely.
All original hardware and electronics, frets in very good condition (re-dressed I think).
Fitted with worn-in (but not worn-out) D'addario NYXL strings. Action is a pleasant 2mm which is great if you play with a fairly light touch, and has that rasp if you dig in.
The case is an old, compact hard case with a busted lock (other latches work fine) - ideal for transporting or postage.

No offers thanks; I'm not skint and am more than happy to keep hold of this as my go-to 'function band' instrument

Possible trades for the following with cash either way:
- decent rosewood Jazz neck (P as long as it isn't too deep)
- non-reverse T Bird / T bird clone
- P bass - NOT sunburst, with maple neck if possible. 

No-commitment tryouts in Bristol most welcome!



















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This is a lovely playing bass and sounds proper, seller is a great chap and he makes a great brew 👊🏾


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    • By The Counsellor
      SOLD - SOLD - SOLD
      Upgraded Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, Crafted In Japan. Upgrades include new black pickguard (original Fender replacement) and chrome volume/tone knobs (original Fender replacements).
      Alder Body, Maple Neck With Black Block Inlays, Maple Fretboard, Slim 70s Neck Profile, 2 x Vintage Jazz Single Coil Pickups, Original BadAss II Bridge, Color: Black, Crafted In Japan
      Shipping is included in the EU.
      This Bass was a very reliable companion through my music studies but now it’s time to part ways. Great tone, great fast neck and great playability. Well maintained and clean instrument. Currently stringed with Elixir Coated Nanoweb 105 - 50.
      There’s tons of information about this particular Fender Jazz Bass Model on the internet.
      Sale only (to get funds for a 5-String Bass).
      Questions are welcome. Cheers.

    • By sunfish
      Here is a Fender Precision Lyte in black sparkle with hard case.   £525
      Made in Japan. Looking online at the serial number, the date I think is  1991 - 92
      These are very well made instruments . Nice and light weight and look great. 
      The neck is Jazz bass width - thin and fast. The action is nice and low.
      There's a really good range of tones to be had with a precision pickup and jazz bridge pickup and an active preamp.
      Active volume and tone for each pickup.
      There are a few dings on the body and at the end of the headstock. - just to add to the mojo.
      I'm in Malvern, Worcestershire and happy to meet up half way within reason.
      Will post for £35 insured

    • By bassplayer76
      Fender Japan Jazz Bass, a 62 reissue in Photo flame finish, I think its called.   Really lovely playing bass, low action, not heavy, with lovely dark rosewood fret board.  
      Weight 4.15 Kilos
      The bad part is that it is cosmetically challenged, as you will see from the photos.   Cracked lacquer, a long scratch down the back and some pings and pongs here and there.   The neck, though, is virtually unscathed apart from the edge of the headstock.  Action is super low but can be adjusted, the truss rod works and turns fine.
      The price is taking into account the condition, any less than that and I will probably just choose to have it refinished, because it is a great sounding bass, almost too growly for me in fact.
      Comes with a gig bag and would prefer collection or meet up in London. But, Have Box and can send.
      Not looking for trades, want to get a good lightweight bass cab (Not BF)

    • By TomRandles97
      For sale is my Vox standard 24, that's been defretted. Set up very recently with Ernie Ball Cobalt flats (sounds like rounds, feels like flats). Condition is good considering it is 39 years old but do be aware that there are dings and dents here and there. 
      Only selling as I need funds to cover an unexpected bill and repairs for a broken headstock 
      Based in Leeds, collection preffered
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      Popped into Andertons for my regular browse and they had this second hand beauty in stock.... at half the price of a new one! Swapped out the black pickguard for a slightly used tort one I had and voila.....! Proper P bass, fantastic 'ash' tones and a bound neck. Lovely

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