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SOLD: Fender 50's Precision (MIM) - price edit
Luxembourg, Europe

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Fender 50's Precision bass made in Mexico (2008/09)

very good condition:


- alder body, one piece maple neck

- Neck width at the saddle: 44.5mm

- Neck width at the 12th fret: 58mm

- Neck diameter at the saddle: 27mm

- Neck diameter at the 12th fret: 25mm

- 4.2 kg (without covers)

- Seymour Duncan SPB-2 pickup (Fender PU included)

- used Gator SemiHardCase

- used set Thomastik Infeld Flatwounds and a white / yellowed pickguard are included


£750 / 850€, trade for Aguilar db cabs or Ampeg 410HLF Heritage


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