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Wimbledon, London

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This bass has been a fantastic companion over the years. Mike Tobias has rightfully built up a huge reputation and this bass is testament to it, however it's not getting used as much these days and I'd like to fund some other things (both bass and life stuff need cash and bass direct have pretty much the exact bass I'm looking for on order).

I bought it brand new from the Grooveshoppe in 2009, made to order (the build diary will be around here somewhere!), and have been the only owner. This is a wonderfully constructed bass, and plays brilliantly. This wood combinations can generate a fabulous growl, but I think this bass really shines in a lower gain setting - the brightness of the wood combo and rich mids really glow when playing with others. It is a great "all round" bass and can do a great job in pretty much all situations.

It hasn't seen too many gigs in all honesty - I was always worried about taking it out of the house - and has been carefully owned and kept in the official leather hard case. It is in as new conditions and I can't find any dings on it.


  • 2009 build (USA)
  • 35" scale
  • 19mm spacing
  • Ash body
  • Burled walnut top
  • Ash neck
  • Birdseye maple fingerboard (21 fret)
  • Buzz Feiten tuning system with zero fret
  • Bartolini PUs
  • Bartolini preamp
  • Hipshot hardware
  • Matching truss rod cover and pug head
  • Original paperwork etc included.


Would be happy to supply any more photos as requested. As I said, this is an amazing bass and I'm not in a huge rush to part ways with it - I'm happy to wait for the right offer, though all will be considered. In terms of trades I'm looking to fund a 6 string Dingwall so any trades for these/6 strings in general will be considered. Also looking for an Origin Effects Cali76 (original large one) and an Axe Fx II (XL/XL+) so would consider a trade + cash for them.

Happy to answer any questions as best as I can, would much prefer to do a meet rather than trusting this to a courier though can arrange that if desired.








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