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sold...Taurus ABIGAR EXTREME - Extreme Drive / Distortion / Overdrive....Bass or Guitar. Now £40 posted.
Sandhurst, UK

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Posted (edited)

LEVEL ... overall effect volume 
3-way CHARACTER SWITCH ... allows to select one of three modes of DRIVE.
GAIN... amount of overdrive 
BASS... low frequencies level control 
TREBLE.. high frequencies level control 
Abigar Extreme Drive is a perfect tool for creating an aggressive and fully sounding Drive in all varieties of heavy tunes.

The Dynamic Drive and full tone control in congestion with MLO System provides endless possibilities in creating a perfect sound. 
Redesigned to better fit your pedalboard with a smaller, lighter build than its predecessors, the Taurus Abigar Extreme MK2 is equipped with an incredible range of drive. 
From classic tube to modern tones, its versatility is matched by its level of control, with five adjustment knobs that include bass and treble EQ. 
Plus, it’s compatible with the standard 9-volt or 12 volt DC power supply. 

This is a sale for my Bass or Guitar Overdrive Distortion from Taurus. 
It comes boxed with all accessories including unused rubber feet and velcro for pedalboard mounting. 
Only 5 months old. 
Offered for under half shop price. 
Price included UK postage.
EU please add another £15
Please see my other Taurus effects for sale.




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Trade for headphones of similar value. 

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