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**SOLD** Warwick Katana NT4 in Burgundy Blackburst *Now £1200*
London, E4

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Brand new, unplayed condition. Plays perfectly with no issues whatsoever. Looked after like it was my own child. The original gold hardware was swapped out for Warwick Chrome parts by me, just a personal preference, and the original hardware is included. It would these days be called Masterbuilt. AAA Flame maple top, Maple body and Neck with Ekanga stripes. Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard with Fisheye inlays. Bell brass frets. MEC 3 Band active electronics with push-pull active/passive mode. Comes in at 3.51KG. Made in Markneukirchen, Germany. Comes with a Warwick gig bag and all paperwork/candy. Shipping in the UK (uninsured) is £32 and the EU, £55. The actual bass for sale is shown in this video by Andy Irvine. Now £1650.00, not the original listing price.
























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    • By BPWalls
      Hello guys,
      I put on sale this magnifique pre amp. This top gear amp is in mint condition, never giged. All working 100%.
      i have the manuals.
      Shipment possible

    • By Rollo
      FOR SALE/FOR TRADE MLP Princess SC 6 strings, made by the Hungary Luthier Molnár László.
      It's an excellent condition bass. MLP bass are famous for their exemplary finishes and craftsmanship, and for the sound who can make you think of the Fodera Singlecut sound.
      This bass give you a modern, warm, and crispy sound. Neck is incredible...
      Specifications :
      Body : European Walnut
      Neck : 5 pieces laminates of quartersawn maple and mahogany
      Fingerboard : Kingwood (Very similar tonally to Brazilian Rosewood. Though it is CITES regulated, this material is allowed within the European Union and is a great alternative to Brazilian RW)
      Inlays : White side dots
      Headstock Veener : European Walnut
      Headstock : 3 + 3 Shape, with engraved MLP Logo
      Frets : 24 Siver/Nickel in absolutely mint condition
      Pickups : EMG 45J on Neck and EMG 45TW (with split) on Bridge
      Preamp : EMG 3 bands EQ Preamp with passive tone (Dip Switchs on the electronic cavity)
      Controls : Volume Neck/Volume Bridge with Split/Tone/Stacked Bass and Treble/Stacked Medium and Mids frequencies selection
      Tuners : Wilkinson "GB707" like
      Bridge : MLP Bridge, a sort of fusion of Ken Smith and Fodera bridges
      Strings spacing at bridge : Adjustable from 17mm to 19mm. Actually very close to 19mm
      Nut : Ebony
      Strings spacing at nut : 9mm
      Knobs : EMG knobs
      Scale : 34"
      Hardware color : Black
      Trussrod : TWO bi-directional trussrods that work perfectly
      Land of Craftsmanship : Handmade in Hungary
      Weight : A little bit less 4.5kg
      Action : From 2.25mm under the B string to 1.75mm under the C string at 12th fret. You can go lower if you want
      Finish : Satin Finish
      For sale with hardcase.
      This wonderful bass plays like a dream. Perfect modern sound, i don't keep it just because i already have a Leduc Maurad 6, so it's a little useless for me...
      You can see all pics and listen it here  :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rfRIHdIpHzJiZzyPGLNZ2nsvjPZdxH3x
      Videos on Youtube :
      MLP Website : http://mlpguitars.com/
      Don't hesitate if you have some questions or if you want more pics or sounds.
      For trades propositions, i am very open. All is welcome, Leduc, Modulus, P bass, Jazz Bass, Fretted or Fretless, 4, 5, or 6 strings... Just try me. 
      Shipping OK, of course.
      Now the Pics :

    • By TBBassist2011
      Hi all, 
      SALE PRICE: 600, 500 - FINAL PRICE BUMP. 
      TRADE ITEMS: Looking for interesting jazz basses - Fernandes/Greco/Tokai/any Fujijen or any 70s bridge pickup position jazz basses. Maple fretboard preferred!
      I'm listing my Warwick RockBass Star Bass 5 String for sale or for trade for particular items! I'm not quite sure the value of the RockBass model currently, but I'm aware of recent listings, as well as the basses value new from Andertons and Thomann etc. I bought the bass last year from someone who had looked after the bass very well, and hadn't had chance to gig the bass. I'd bought it for a country project, but it didn't work out, and in the end never got gigged - as such, it's been sat in my studio for the past 12 months untouched, mainly in it's hard case. It had fresh strings and a set up at the time, and of course has been kept well at the studio. The only damage to report was made by the previous owner, and is on the lower heel right at the top. It is a very very small paint chip, but of course is worth mentioning. 
      In the current situation, contact-less pickup is of course accepted, or I can courier this, although I don't have a hard case I can provide for this. 
      The bass works and sounds perfect, electronics are in order and plays great. 

    • By glee123
      The time has come for the reluctant sale of my Warwick Bass.
      I've owned it from new.  Purchased in 2002, it was built in November 2001 (I used the Warwick serial number search...).

      Thumb BO, 5-string
      Natural Oil finish
      Ovangkol body
      Ovangkol neck
      Black hardware
      Made in Germany

      It really is a beautiful instrument; plays and sounds amazing.
      Quality from Warwick as always.

      It has been a great companion for all of these years, unfortunately only gigged it a few times.  Sounded epic with my old Eden rig!
      I'm not playing much anymore so really needs to get a new lease of life in some new hands.

      It's in great condition.  There are a few light marks (I've tried to highlight in on of the photos) but nothing major.  I changed the bridge many years ago to allow for the use of other manufacturers strings.  The original bridge is included. I recently put on some DR Lo-Rider strings.  All of the other original tools and documents are also included, as is the gigbag (the zip is a bit knackered but works) plus a hardcase.

      I can send via courier or collection (with social distancing) from Epsom, Surrey.

    • By pollopollo
       I Sell  Warwick CO Streamer Stage I, 5-string
      Stunning Conditions.( Neck with Led front&side)
      Original Hard Case.
      CO Streamer Stage I, 5-string
      White Highpolish finish
      Swamp Ash / French Flam.Maple body
      Matched Headstock neck
      Gold hardware  
      Neck Wood:    Wenge neck 
      Fretboard:    Wenge fingerboard
      Inlay:    Front Face Dot Inlays
      Led or Fluorescent Side Dots:    lluminated Side and inlay Dots
      Scale length:    34"
      Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood):    AAA Flamed Maple body
      Pickups:    Active MEC Soapbar H/H
      Electronics:    Active Warwick 3-way electronics 
      Pot layout:    Volume P/P / Balance / Mid / Treble and Bass stacked
      Construction:    Neck-through
      Weight:    5.1 kg
      Made in Germany
      no shipping costs included
      - MTD 545
      - Sadowsky NYC 5
      - Fender custom shop

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