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Sold. OLP Tony Levin 5 string


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OLP Tony Levin bass with the correct number of strings. It's been copper shielded in the cavity to quieten things down (it needed it!) a new jack socket, battery clip and battery box. 

FFS humankind, open lid, change battery, close box - it's not bleedin' rocket surgery is it? Why does EVERY SINGLE BASS in the KNOWN UNIVERSE have a broken one????? AAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!!!


This one has the derrière-about-elbow EQ pots, but I've put them the right way round on the scratchplate. (For those that don't know the pre-amps on some of these have the bass and mid wiring labelled up wrong, they still work fine, but the pots end up reversed on the 'plate.)

It's really light and well balanced on the strap, I've done a couple or three gigs with it (mileage will rise as the vehicle is in use!) and I've never played a MM-pattern bass of any description before, but I like this one enough to search out some more. The tight spacing takes a bit of getting used to, though.

There's a great range of sounds from the 3-band, it's the only thing I have that'll do the subby/reggae/thumpy thing out of the box.

The only fault is a line in the lacquer at the heel, it's a bit of a git to photograph - if a better pic is needed, let me know and I'll have another go at it. It's otherwise in very good nick.

I'll post it in either a very nasty, very battered case or a boxed up, super-thick bass bag depending on what's here at the time. They're both not much cop for anything other than packaging, so don't count on getting anything useful.

I might even chuck in a spare battery box as it was cheaper to buy two, and some one will probably break it!

Price includes delivery.







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