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How quiet can they be? (500+ watt amps)

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Big modern amps often have fans.


That is the issue for me - fan noise at low volume. Drives me insane. I love my Darkglass M900 but I don't use it in the house because of the fan. Helix and studio monitors all the way in the house.

Although I gather that the Mk2 heads have a fan control system now that only turns them on when it gets hot. Can't wait to try one!

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3 hours ago, LukeFRC said:

Do these GK amps work the same as the RB ones? On them to ‘warm it up’ you can Turn the volume almost full on and then use the gain to control the volume 

The little MB 200, which I have, is kind of minimalistic in that it doesn't have separate gain and volume Controls. it's only one volum knob, the eq and a contour switch. 

Good little amp, but I think I want something a little different sounding as well.

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