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Bergantino CN212 now sold!

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For sale Bergantino CN212 

In very good  condition. Except few superficial marks at the top (see pics) the cab is as new. It had very little use.

I'm selling it because I don't play in a band anymore and the cab just collecting dust in the bedroom.

Little weight - big sound!

Ultimate cabinet.

2x12 neodymium speakers 


700 watts 

46lbs (21kg!)

Comes with original cover.

Views welcome - try before you buy. 

I'm based in east London, Clapton E5.







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Best cab I owned. I regret selling mine, but I can't justify it laying around doing nothing. Whoever buys this will be lucky!

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On 13/05/2019 at 19:27, MikanHannille said:

Best cab I owned. I regret selling mine, but I can't justify it laying around doing nothing. Whoever buys this will be lucky!

Thanks. My thoughts exactly..

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    • By 6feet7
      Price drop to £875 / Sensible offers
      An absolutely stunning example with matching headstock Maruszczyk Jake 5+ P/MM that is around 7lbs / 3.2Kg in weight,
      Fitted with passive Delano MC5 HE/M2 and PC5 HE/M2 pickups and comes with a Hiscox hard case.
      New D'Addario nickel rounds fitted but I can include some used DR Sunbeams if you'd prefer.
      18mm string spacing at the bridge
      No trades
      Couriers are still delivering at the moment, so posting isn’t an issue.
      If you've ever wanted a lightweight 5 stringer that weighs so little that a 2 or 3 hour set leaves little to no impression on your ageing shoulders, then this is the bass to have

    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Gibson G3 1976
      Nice old black Gibson G3. This bass was made in 1976, of course in the USA. 

      It's just a terrific playing and sounding bass with a voice of its own. Action goes low on this one, so it is really easy playing. The G3 has a rather clear and aggressive sound, which can be great for various styles. I've played it with rounds as well as flats, and it sounds great with both. It's a pretty light bass; my kitchen scale tells me it's weighing 3,65kg. 
      A few more pics:

      As you can see, the G3 is in a good shape for its age. It has a few small damages and some wear on the back of the neck, but overall it looks pretty clean. I've had people thinking it to be some kind of reissue a few times 😄
      This bass plays really well and allows low action. The neck is straight and adjustable, and all hardware and electronics work like they should. Fretwork is good too. Apart from the strap buttons, all should be original. The intonation screws have been changed for shorter ones by the previous owner, but I've got the originals included in a little bag. 
      This bass comes with it's original case, which is in very good shape too. Also some original paperwork is included. New Dean Markley strings have been fitted last week. 
      As much as I love the playability and sounds of this bass, I rarely play it due to other sound preferences band-wise. I think it left the house about 5 times since I got it a year ago... So let's see if I can swap it for something different that I'll be using more. 
      Price €1.500
      The bass is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped insured at buyers risk/expense. 
      Trades/partial trades are welcome. I would be mainly interested in a good 2eq Stingray with lacquered full maple neck (like early 90s, would love a honeyburst).
      Some other example of what I may like; a good precision (Squier jv/sq, quality copy), jazz bass special, early 80s precision special, good "lawsuit" era stuff, fretless 70s fender precision, effects... I am into 4 string basses, fretted or fretless. Usually I like traditionally styled stuff. 
      Pm if you have any questions or an interesting proposal. 
    • By jasperjames
      Super Twelve T (black steel grill) gen 2, forbear of the Super Twin.
      Bought new in 2012, and lightly gigged - mostly for practice at home.
      Upgraded Super Twelve “T” model with high quality tweeter with custom built crossovers.
      Also upgraded neodymium drivers.
      I absolutely love this cab, only 18kg, fits neatly in the car boot and sounds insane - sorry to part with it but haven't had much excuse to play in recent times.
      It even has wheels!
      Black grill and front edges showing a bit of wear (see pictures) from a few scrapes on the road, but overall in good condition and sounding fab.
      Original spec: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/super-twelve.htm
      Collection from Portsmouth (PO4, Southsea area) - any questions just shout  

    • By Oldman
      I acquired these two cabs in a trade late last year, Mike Arnopol Soundworks, I’d never heard of him either, but after researching his Facebook page, website and the various threads I decided I had to have a shot of them before I committed to his single Cab Bodai solution. 

      I replaced the strap handles, feet (New ‘T’ nuts) and did a “Blacky” on them.
      Rehearsed with them prior to this work and was impressed with the bottom end from what are (albeit long throw drivers) 6.5” Speakers, a MAS 26 with 2 x  Faitel tweeters per cab as can be seen. Looks to be 255 Watts per 8 Ohm cab. Clarity is exceptional as you would expect and weighing in at 11.5Kg each a one handed lift into the gig, one in each hand even.

      Imported new in 2016 by bassface https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/364554-mas-2x6-cab-in-8ohm-x-2-incredible-boutique-cabs-trades-welcome/#comments at a cost of some £1,300.00 quid they came to me in excellent nick and sound lovely, smooth with sufficient punch to belie the somewhat minuscule dimensions of:
      Height: 660mm (26”), Width: 203mm (8”), Depth: 355mm (14”) and only 11.5Kg’s.
      Mike Arnopol seems to have reduced his product line, when I first checked him out on his WWW there was a raft of variations on his cabs and the patented system. I’m sure further info is out there on Talkbass and he’s quite ‘vocal’ on Facebook and other social media.

      Any questions, please ask, prefer to sell as a pair although selling a singleton might be an option. Trades, try me but really after that MAS single cab solution so cash is king.
      Thanks for looking, oh, 😱 I nearly forgot, check this configuration out
      Bizarre, but workable. The pole can be cut down accordingly. That’s 12.5Kgs of 1U 650 Watts of MOSFET thunder on top. One cab connecting with floor and the other in yer lug, well nearly.


    • By lee650
      Well I'm finally coming to the conclusion that I don't really need a loud high end rig for the pub gigs I do. And I use in ears for theatre stuff.
      So up for sale is my very cool rig,with a mind to getting a 112 combo 😁
      Bergantino AE 210
      Really not sure about this as it's been one of my fave cabs,but I'm finding it overkill
      it's a compact and light 2x10 Neo cab which has a lot of bottom end for its size and fits very snugly onto the smallest stages. I've used this on pit gigs/large tours and function gigs and it's always sounds warm and clean. It also comes with the optional extra cover (costs £60)which while a little tatty as it's been busy works as it should. Few tiny little bits of tolex missing on the bottom,otherwise in great condition.
      £435 posted to your door!
      Epifani UL501.
      High end class A/B amp, which is small and very light. 
      It's 800 watts at 4 ohm and 500 at 8 ohm so loads of power and headroom on tap. Very simple but powerful 3 band EQ with a very effective mid cut control based at 800hz  it also has a switchable treble frequency so it can go from glassy hifi to a lower treble with a thicker sound.
      The overall tone is warm with a lot of clarity. A freind described Epifani as a nice middle ground between EBS and Aguilar,i think that's a very accurate description, its also very similar sounding to the Glockenklang Blue soul I used to use. 
      I bought a brand new Gator mixer bag for it, which I will include. 
      Wanting a firm £435 incl UK postage
      I would also part trade for a high quality light 1x12(Bergantino AE/CN112 would be great) and cash or a good 1x12 combo. Ideally looking for GK or Markbass. I will also reduce the price by £30 on both of these,if collected from Morecambe.

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