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Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro IV *Sold*

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It is still here, and currently talking about shipping with someone, but at the moment with the lockdown restrictions, there is no way I can deliver to bristol, as that would be breaking lockdown and I am not a politician!

So until the lockdown is over, no delivery is possible :/


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Hey chap, also Bristol based and interested. Let me know what the plans are after lockdown 

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It is amazing this has been here for ages, and now there is a lockdown and I cant deliver, it got popular!


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Someone turned up at my house yesterday and picked it up for his first bass. Almost 2 years and 1 month after listing, so now gone

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    • By cetera

      I custom ordered this beauty approx 18 months ago from Bass Direct and I love it..... but, honestly, I'm more of a Spector-man (No way!! Whodathunkit??! lol!) so, regrettably, I've decided to move this on to raise funds for another Spector purchase.
      This is the much better looking production model DBird that was sadly discontinued, due to legal issues with you know who over the TBird shape.... and bound to become a collectable as a result!
      Overall condition is 9/10 with just a tiny chip on the body edge (see pics below). I have NO idea how this got there! I've literally played it live ONCE and just used it at home for the rest of the time.... oh well. It's minor and not particularly noticeable.
      The colourflip finish on this is amazing though! It looks more blue in the pictures below.... but as soon as you move it around it quickly flips to a stunning purple colour.... and looks amazing under stage lights!
      Here's the official spec. However, I'd add that it is MORE THAN capable of more traditional tones.....despite the spiel selling it on its aggressive, mid range, modern bite/tone
      Body & Neck
      The body is Khaya, a Mahogany variety with accentuated mid range and a brighter attack. 
      A 5-piece Maple neck coupled with a heavy-duty truss rod further complements the treble response while ensuring maximum hardiness. Dingwall manufacture has long-been exposed to extreme climate conditions, so they know a thing or two about reinforcing necks! A Pau Ferro fingerboard adds a little extra warmth and a smooth feel to boot.
      Multi-Scale Design
      A noteworthy feature of the D-Bird Custom is its multi-scale design. With a 36.25" scale on the low E string and a 34" scale on the G, the higher string tension on the lower strings gives the bass more punch and clarity where it matters most.
      Fanned frets allow for super-accurate intonation across the entire fingerboard, with their slanted placement suiting the natural resting position of your hand. It may look odd at first, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to adapt to this type of neck!
      Hardware & Electronics
      The D-Bird Standard is triple-loaded with FD-3N passive pickups. The key to their punchy tone is the use of Neodymium magnets; higher output means a more aggressive sound. This lines up nicely with the tonewood combination, with plenty of midrange bite that produces a distinctly modern tone.
      Controls are volume, a 4-way rotary switch offers a surprisingly broad tonal palette and master tone
      Dingwall also opted for a traditional jack plate with Switchcraft jack connection to ensure maximum reliability.
      Slick smoky black hardware is used throughout, with Dingwall Combustion tuners and a specially designed bridge with a custom riser system - increased adjustability and sturdiness all in one. 
      Body Material: Khaya Mahogany
      Finish: Polyurethane
      Neck Material: Maple, 5-Piece
      Fingerboard: Pau Ferro
      Fingerboard Radius: 7.5”
      Scale Length: 36.25" (E) - 34" (G)
      Carve: Medium Thin C-Shape
      Reinforcement: Heavy Duty Truss-Rod
      Nut Width: 45.5mm (1.8")
      Frets: 20
      Fret Size: 'Banjo'
      Fret Material: 18% Hard Nickel Silver
      Electronics & Hardware:
      Pickups: 3 x FD-3N passive pickups w/ Neodymium magnets
      Controls: Master Volume, 4-Way Rotary Pickup Selector, Passive tone
      Hardware Colour: Smoky Black
      Tuners: Dingwall Combustion
      Bridge: Hipshot Dingwall Solo
      Input Jack: Switchcraft
      Custom heavy-duty padded gigbag and toolkit containing allen keys & Dunlop straplocks included.
      SOLD!! Payment by socially-distanced cash on collection, Paypal (you pay all fees) or Bank Transfer please. NO trades thank you. Courier at buyers choice/cost but I would recommend UPS via Interparcel.
      Happy to ship in the UK. Any overseas postage will obviously be much more expensive and there will be additional import/VAT etc costs.
      Please search out my extensive positive feedback thread (link in sig doesn't work) for assurance of a clean, honest transaction. Thanks!

    • By Dandelion
      Epiphone T - Bird Pro 5 string.  These are neck heavy and need a nice thick strap to stop them diving.  But, this is a nice example. There is one tiny ding on the edge as seen in the third photo.  About 4.6 kgs. 
      Bass is active, full info available on the Web
      Case not included, as I need it for my other Thunderbird.. I will find an old gig bag if required.  
      May trade for loud class D Amp? Or a decent 1980s vintage bass.? Matsumotu? 
      Straight trade for tidy Yammy BB425x
      I can travel half way within reason. 
      Feel free to ask questions..

    • By TorVic
      (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments)
      Cash Price dropped: 1500eur / 1350 GBP + shipping (trade price 1759eur)  
      Got this here and it is still like new! Only played occasionally at home. Selling to fund another purchase - no trades
      Here's the description borrowed from the previous sale: 
      New price: 2565 USD (bass) + 300 USD (shipping costs) + 687 USD import costs = 3552USD / 3152Euro / 2790GBP 34 "scale lightweight Swamp Ash body with Wengé veneer and Brazillian Olive wood top 7 piece Maple / Wengé neck with a nice dark piece Ebony for the fretboard 24 fret lines with dot markings on the side of the neck 2 Nordstrand Zen blade pickups passive Volume / Balance / Tone Ebony ramp (slides in - not affixed with any adhesive)  Gotoh tuners and mono-rail bridges  weight ~4.4 kg website: https://mgbassguitars.com/ 

    • By Aliwobble
      So, this little beauty was dangled in front of me recently and I couldn’t resist 😃

    • By Grahambythesea
      I thought I’d read somewhere on this forum that the Embassy had gone out of production. It did disappear from the Epiphone web site for a while, but now it’s back sporting new shiny colours all of which seem to have a sparkly metal flake content. It includes the classic Burgandy Mist, but I’m not so sure about Wanderlust Green! Did I read that right 🤔🥴

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