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Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz Bass.

As this forum knows, these are well regarded basses, and are fantastic for their price bracket. Especially these older ones with the DD pickups, and alder bodies (as opposed to agathis).

Made in 2008 (Cort Factory). Duncan Designed JB101 pickups, high-mass bridge (Wilkinson, I think), graphite nut, Rotosound SH77 flatwounds.

The bass is in mint condition. The chrome plating on the control cover is slightly blemished, but I’ll include a brand-new replacement, as well as the original nut.

YouTube Demo:


Magazine Review:


The bass is in Pittenweem, Fife. Happy to meet up within half an hour’s drive. Also, I’ve got a suitable box, so I can package it well and get it ready for collection, if the buyer arranges and pays for the courier.











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Now with shipping option.

I’ve got a suitable box, so happy to package it well and get it ready for collection, if the buyer arranges and pays for the courier.

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    • By Markhbass
      Overwater J Series Jazz Bass Dark Salmon/Red. 
      Active Electronics. Mint Condition. Never gigged, but used on many studio sessions (..inc. American X Factor)
      It has a great passive J Bass sound, with the usual Jazz Bass controls and the powerful active sound is cut and boosted by a concentric pot Bass/Treble control.
      Recently serviced, oiled and fitted with Dunlop strings.
      Re-listed, due to date of manufacture confusion. As an endorser I bought the bass from Overwater late 2000s, but according to Chris May it was manufactured around 2000, not, as I thought, just before I received it.
      Happy to answer any questions if I can. 

    • By troubadour
      These get a good rep and rightly so. Bit of a prob with this one's neck though hence the low price.
      It's developed a bit of a ski jump as it nears the body and I can't adjust it out.
      I like a low action which I've achieved up to the 12th fret, above which I rarely venture. But beyond that is not good.
      Maybe it's fixable or maybe you don't mind a higher action which may be OK (no guarantees either way though I'm afraid).
      Marks to the body commensurate with age and use. Weighs in at a reasonable 3.9 Kg (8.6lbs).
      Collection from sunny Skipton or I could meet you part way, up to 40 mins or so.
      Might be able to post later in the week but can't commit to that just now.

      (more photos to follow)
    • By Mikkel-S
      Up for grabs is this US Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe from 2004.
      Very very good condition - well, I would actually say perfect condition. EXCEPT - the color?! The previous owner had it standing in direct sunlight so the orange has somekind of desaturation of the color. Super cool if you ask me. I have tried photograph the color - but the lighting is terrible today. 

      Nice and light weight - very lively and resonant unplugged and plugged in its a very very versatile and powerful instrument with the 18v 3band preamp and noiseless pickups. 

      Comes with the original case and ALL case candy. Picture later.. Terrible weather today.. 

      Ships from Denmark. 

      Trades - P-basses! Or a nice fretless. Or maybe the right Stingray.
      Price is 1100 Euro (around 1000£). Contact me for shipping. Should be around 50£. 

    • By StevieE
      Price Drop - now £550!!
      1996 MiG Warwick Fortress One Fretless, 3 piece flamed maple body, wenge neck & fingerboard and is finished in delicious Honey
      Generic spec and info HERE
      I've had this bass a number of years and have attempted to play it for just a few hours in all that time. Fretless dreams now over, I can't justify owning an instrument just because looks/rarity etc. I'm dithering over ordering a custom Sandberg, having a bit of cash to go towards it will help! 
      The condition is excellent, especially for a 22yo bass. There are a few minor little scratches here and there, but you have to really search to find them. It's strung with flats of unknown age and origin, so will benefit massively from a new set of strings and proper set up. Electrics all seem to work fine when I plugged her in earlier.
      Collection is always preferred (RM5) but if its at the buyers risk and expense, I'll ship her out.
      Sale only, no trades please. Cash needed for the Sandberg fund!
      Cheers for looking, Steve 

    • By noise_art
      Hello guys!

      I've decided to put my Mayones BE5 Fretless for sale. I am the second owner, this bass has been built in 2012 (as I know these basses) it's a good one.
      Plays well, I've bought it in order to do some "mwaaah" in studio mainly. Did some recordings, I am no longer use this bass as it deserves.

      There's some  marks on ebony board, but it's straight, bass comes with semi-flat strings (used!).

      Overall is in good condition. I think this "older line" is nicer than nowdays, new owner will be satisfied I belive. Few marks but nothing special

      - mahogany/maple neck
      - ovankol body
      - WSC hardware
      - Bartolini pickups
      - Mayones 9v pre
      - ebony unlined fretboard (side dots)

      I can ship it anywhere in EU, we can discuss rates.


      Resonable trades welcome!