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Schatten Design Mini Pre

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Just picked up my Schatten Design Mini Pre and it is exactly what I need.I got the single input model but there is a two channel one available also.It is designed for any acoustic instrument.I have rigged my bass with a KNA DB 1 pickup that sounds great but apparently any type of pickup can be used.

This little wonder is made here in Canada but is available through Gollihur (about $60 USD) and is listed by Thomann at what seems to be a ridiculously high price.In Canada it goes for around $70 CDN.

It is a very basic preamp with volume control and an adjustable trim pot to match the input.Since I use the EQ on my amp or the EQ on the Bose PA if I'm going direct, all I wanted was an easy way to control the volume and this seems to be the perfect solution-small,simple,adjustable trim, 9V battery(up to 2000 hours apparently).It comes with a belt clip that you can screw onto it but I have it mounted on a bracket on my mike stand which makes it very handy and not as easy to accidentally bump with my arm or hand or jacket. 

So far I have only tried it at home but I will use it at a gig this weekend with my Englehardt Swingmaster ES 9 and am looking forward to a worry free night and when somebody says "more bass" I can do it! Life is good.   

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I love Schatten stuff.

Currently using an RB2 passive pickup and I absolutely adore it. Everything about it is great. Simple to use and sounds amazingly clear.

The thumbwheels for volume attached to the back of the fingerborad are really handy too.

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