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Barefaced Super Twin Gen 3

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I'm looking to trade my Super Twin for a Barefaced 4x10 (8 ohm) with a vintage grill. I do gig probably once a month with this cab but it's pretty much in mint condition as I look after my gear. I'd like the 4x10 to be in similar condition for trade please :) 





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    • By quimbymeat
      Other items are not for sale so ignore the heading price. 
      barefaced Supertwin for sale £640
      Next to new condition but someone from basschat added a dolly, when I got it delivered the handle was broken but I’ve been too lazy to get a new handle. Cab is 1200 watts and a one arm lift.

    • By Andy Vincent
      I am selling a pair of Barefaced Super Compact 3rd generation cabs using the 12XN550 drive units.
      These cabs are superb, really clear, accurate and loud. 1 cab is plenty loud enough for most gigs, add the second cab and the sound is huge. Please check the Barefaced website for full details.
      These cabs are each rated at 600W into 8 Ohms and weigh 11Kg each and come with padded covers custom made by 'hotcovers'.
      Kept indoors and in great condition, only had light use hence why i am selling
      Ideally I'd like to sell both cabs together but will consider selling them individually for £450 each.
      Collect from Bristol or can send by insured courier if buyer pays postage.

    • By simon88wilson
      Reluctantly putting up for sale my Barefaced Six10. Looking at buying a house this coming year and need the money (also will need the space)
      I'm sure everyone knows what these are all about and the wording on the Barefaced website is better than anything i could write: https://barefacedaudio.com/products/six_10?variant=13875021119546
      I've had this since the start of the year (arrived 30.01.19) and to be honest haven't used it as much as i wanted to. (band hasn't been giggin enough!)
      It sounds amazing and come with barefaced protective cover.
      Could be tempted with a swap for a barefaced two10 with some money my way!
      Collection only as i don't fancy putting this through the post
      Will put more details pictures up if needed!
      Cost £1359 new with cover so i think £900 is a fair price for one in this condition.

    • By Fastfret24
      - Barefaced Super Compact 1x12" cab (Grey cloth front) - £525 SOLD
      - Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 - £ 350 325 SOLD
      About 18months old, comes with Markbass padded bag (with front and rear flaps for easy set up) and power supply.
      Awesome sounding amp with a great blend (solid-state/tube) feature and the signature VLE & VPF filters. In very good condition, recently serviced, just has a few scuffs around the corners.
      Full specs: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/little-mark-tube/
      The BigBabyII in the pictures (bottom cab) has already been sold sorry!
      Speakon cables not included. You're more than welcome to come and give it a try, I work from home so am in most of the week.
      All the bass 🤘
    • By Deedee
      This arrived this morning. 😁
      I'm a self-confessed fan of BF gear after having several of their 2x12 models over recent years, but wanted to have something a little more old skool sounding this time around. Went for the painted finish as used on the 12" speaker models. The finish is superb and it sounds great (I certainly managed to get a few things rattling around the house earlier).
      Very pleased and look forward to gigging with it when the time comes.

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