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Tecamp Puma 900 SOLD SOLD SOLD

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Puma 900 for sale, with Tecamp softcase and third party hardcase.

Was used as my main head, until a recent purchase last week of an Aguilar db751. 

There's a small dent to the bottom of the right hand side face of the amp. Purely cosmetic, and has had no effect on the amp. All lights still working too. I've included a picture as best I can of the damage, but if you have any questions or want to see anymore pictures let me know!

Better quality pics to follow, these are the best I can get for now. 




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I've got one of these which I've used on all my gigs for the last few months while trying to get my Tecamp 1000 repaired (now done). It's a cracking head and amazingly powerful for it's size, I put it through 2 x Barefaced BB2s and never had to have it over halfway, even not going through the PA. GLWTS. 

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