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Carvin BX1200 Amp Head


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Hi I read a good review in Bassplayer mag of this very powerful amp and wondered if anyone had tried one? they seem reasonably priced to, well in $$$ but I guess that will equate to £'s if you could find a UK importer.


Cheers R.

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I tried the R1000w head in Nevada Music a couple of years back. I wasn't that impressed. However I was playing it thru Carvin speakers, which I don't think are the most sensitive or best quality I've seen. This probably accounted for it not really sounding as loud as I was expecting. The sound reminded me of Peavey bass gear. Lots of knobs and sliders, but not many 'nice' usable sounds in my opinion. This 1200 models looks like the same configuration as the R1000. Its good value for money, so I guess if money is tight, then Carvin would be a solution. I think however, you'd be better off with say the current Warwick range. These are now assembled in China, and the Xtreme 10.1 (1000w head) is a monster for about £600. Have a listen though, but try through your own speakers, or at least, not thru Carvins!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Ian, I kinda thought it was too good to be true, I'll probably keep an eye out for something better but secondhand, I have an EBS Neo cab so it seems silly to get something substandard to drive it.
The Extreme is that solid state or does it have a valve pre-amp?

Regards Dave

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