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***SOLD*** : Marleaux Consat Custom 5. £1250.00

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Can’t believe I’m doing this, but my back is knackered.


For Sale: Marleaux Consat Custom 5 string.


I’ve owned it since 2012 and I’ve played it in jazz and big band ensembles. It has the finest low B or any bass I have ever played, including Dingwalls.


34 scale, 45 mm nut. It’s 9lb +/- and well balanced.

Delano pickups with a blend and a 3 band EQ that can be switched to passive. As it happens I prefer it passive.

Ebony board. You will notice that some photos show fret markers and some don’t... they are little removable stickers. Took me ages to line them up! Drove me nuts! 


Specs are here: https://www.marleaux-bass.com/marleaux-bass_consat_custom.html



There is is an extra strap lock position on the rear of the bass for use with double shoulder strap systems.



If you bought one new today you wouldn’t get much change from £3000


I'm in Northants. I would prefer collection. I make a mean cup of tea for anyone who wants to try it.


£1750 Ono.  


PRICE DROP to £1650.00


PRICE DROP £1550.00


PRICE DROP TO £1250.00 collection only



FORGOT TO SAY: It will come with a Mono Vertigo gigbag. (£200 RRP) 


TRADES: I'd consider a trade for a nice lightweight Precision. Nothing active, just something that will sound old and thumpy with some flats on it.











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Price drop to £1550.


Will consider trades - try me.

If you've got a EBMM Stingray 5 that weighs about 9lb (I know they exist as I have one already) then I'm definitely interested in that.

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Alas despite my attempts at physiotherapy etc my back will not be getting strong enough for even this modest weight bass.


Try me with trade and Part-x ideas. 4 string Jazz types / 5 string Rays / Barefaced cabs / Marcus Miller amps.


As long as it's light weight I might be interested.

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I'm really getting back into 4 strings at the moment so I would consider a trade for a lightweight Precision.

Nothing active / modern. Just a good Fender that will sound nice and thumpy with some flats on it. 

Ideally a dark colour + rosewood board.

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There won't be any more price drops. It will either sell or it won't. So thanks for the sub £800 offers you cheeky goits, but no.

I've had a lot of lovely basses offered in trade but nothing suitable so far. Please note it is an automatic 'No thanks' for anything 6 string, or fretless, or over 8.5lb.

Also I do not have a budget to add. So if you want money as well as your trade offering, then the answer will also have to be no.

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    • By lawriemacmillan
      Imperial Matthew Garrison signature model with custom specifications. 
      4000-5000 GBP is an approximate amount of cash I would look for to be included in a trade with a bass or amplifier I am looking for, listed at the bottom of this post. For a straight sale with no trade, I would consider the nearest offer to 7750 GBP or 8750 EURO. The Bass Gallery in Camden have the bass at the moment and are offering reasonable finance deals to pay for the instrument in monthly installments. 
      Stunning single-cut bass made in the Fodera workshop in Brooklyn, NYC. This is not the Standard bolt-on model.
      2009 build.
      Buckeye top. Walnut body. Ebony fingerboard.
      Fodera/Duncan singlecoil pickups with buckeye covers.
      Matching buckeye ramp.
      Extended B string.
      26 'fret' positions.
      34" scale.
      19mm string spacing at the bridge.
      48m nut width.
      Fodera premium padded gig bag.
      Excellent overall condition. Some minor surface bumps which are unnoticeable unless closely inspected.
      3 band EQ with selectable mid frequency selector and coil tap switches.
      This model is currently a $12,000 (USD) order if purchased new from Fodera.
      Items I am interested in PLUS Approx 4000-5000 GBP :
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      2004 Neck Through Thumb Bass. Lovely condition, some dings, but nothing major.
      Natural Oil finish Bubinga Pommele body Ovangkol neck Black hardware 3 Band EQ (boost/cut). Pick up blend control MEC pick ups. Made in Germany. The analogue scales put it as just under 5Kg (~11Ilbs).
      Comes with a (non-warwick) hardcase, a brand new set of warwick strings.
      Selling as I'm playing my Thumb 4 more and although them extra low notes sound great, I don't really need them.
      Collection from Marden, Kent only. Or can meet up within reasonable distance. Not looking for any trades.



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      Please note, the bass is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will ship to EU countries. Please contact me first  
      Selling my Corvette unlined Fretless 5. 
      Turns out I’m not as good at fretless playing as I imagined so this just isn’t getting used. A real shame but I have my eye on something else. 
      Made in Germany in 2008. Bubinga body, Ovangkol neck with ebony fingerboard, with minimal markings. 
      Natural oil finish and carefully treated weekly with the Warwick wax. (Included in sale)
      Passive electronics with volume, pick-up blend and tone controls. I was very surprised by the variety of sounds that come out of those controls! MEC dynamic correction pups.
      Currently strung with Rotosound 45-130 flatwounds. 
      Weight is 6kg.
      Includes Warwick Rockbag, surface finishing wax and truss rod tool. 
      Open to reasonable offers.
      Buyer to collect from Copenhagen, Denmark or can post within the EU at buyers expense.

    • By iSeal95
      Im selling this beautiful Spector Euro 5LX (2017)
      It plays amazingly and sounds punchy, full and cuts through just like you would expect a Spector too, it has also sat really well in the mix for a few recording sessions and weddings ive played so its versatility is not to be scoffed at!

      Near mint with only 2 small marks to be found, also comes with its Spector fitted Hardcase.

      Looking to trade for: 5 strings!!! Musicman (maple fretboard), Warwick, Mayones.. and anything 5 string. TRY ME!

    • By therealting
      Beautiful Michael Tobias-designed 5-string fretless, crafted in the Czech Republic. Sold as the “Stadium” model for the Bass Centre. These are very nicely made, and both play and sound great.
      I would say condition is pretty good, there are playing marks (and gloss black is pretty unforgiving of fingerprints etc).
      - I think it’s a poplar body. Lovely sculpted shape including a beautiful heel contour
      - maple neck with unlined 2-octave wenge fingerboard and matching headstock facing
      - black hardware
      - Schaller tuners, Hipshot bridge
      - 34” scale, 18.5mm spacing
      - Bartolini J pickups
      - Bartolini 2-band electronics, plus three-way mid switch (boost / flat / cut). One of the knobs appears to be missing a cap.
      - currently strung with Dunlop flatwounds
      - setup and custom ebony ramp by Martin Petersen at The Bass Gallery, plenty of mwah!
      This is a lightweight bass (3.9kg) and balances very well on a strap.
      Little demo here, please forgive the playing!  Pickup blend centered, EQ flat, mid boost off.
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7aar3tct5gfqu3/MTD Grendel Demo.mp3?dl=0
      Collection preferred from London SE3.
      I have some other stuff for sale here, would certainly be tempted by upward trades for more than one item.

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