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Harley Benton B550FL Progressive, 5 string Fretless

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Harley Benton B550FL Progressive, 5 string Fretless Bass.

I bought this last year as a toe in the water fretless, and it's been great for that.

I don't really want rid as I love playing it, but the new project has me singing, which there's no way I can do while paying attention to my intonation, plus I'm moving shortly and I need to free up some space in advance of that... So it must go. I would honestly buy another just the same if a different project came along or if I had more space, but as it is I'm keeping my 2 gigging basses and everything else is out... for now!

It's only been played at home, and as far as I can see has picked up no dings. Smoke free home etc, and has always been in a hard case. It's wearing a fresh set of Fender flats and will come with the Thomann hard case it's been living in (which needs one of the 4 handle mounts securing, but will get the bass home safe, I might get chance to sort it anyway). The tones are good, and for a budget item the preamp is really flexible, theres a tiny bit of hiss if you whack the treble right up, but my Elwood L5 is the same, and how many bass players do that anyway. I'm no pro at setting up a fretless, but I tweaked it when it arrived and it plays really nicely. 

I'm away from home for the next couple of days, but I'm pretty sure string spacing is 18mm at the bridge. Neck is nice and slim too.

I live in Wembley (around Preston Rd area) and work in North Greenwich. Pick up or local meet up preferred.

Trades wise, A decent Compressor (as simple as possible) a decent Envelope Filter or a decent, noise free, isolated pedalboard power supply are on my wanted list.








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Additional pics, as requested

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I haven't I'm afraid.. not just now. I'm away tonight but could call at the flat after work tomorrow and take one or two without a problem. The dots are where the frets should be on this one.

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