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PRICE DROP / final reduction to cover postage down to £8! Jaco CDs and play along book

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3 Jaco CDs and play along book with unopened CD.  All in gc.

Jaco’s 1st album (case is scruffy) 5A434C06-DDC7-4176-9044-12A7C9D2FE11.thumb.jpeg.7eb62a443916389fe4064f15ac9f8784.jpeg3C655152-D4E1-42D8-AAE1-8884EFD542E3.thumb.jpeg.aeb5ccc0610e6644b41cab6bfb44e4bf.jpeg51643947-613D-4352-87B6-1D70C193C6C1.thumb.jpeg.088904d942e8d27ad5daa8674dd79777.jpegWord of mouth and Word of mouth Big Bang revisited. The book CD has tracks with bass off.  Hermes delivery including in price.

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Price drop

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