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Double bass tutor wanted south east london

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Hi there,

I'm new to the world of bass and basschat so some friendly advice will be much appreciated!

I want to get my boyfriend a double bass lesson to surprise him for his birthday. He's turning 45 and has been playing Jazz on the electric bass for 10 years now, he wanted to test out the double bass to see how it is, but he won't have a DB of his own to practise on. We live in SE London but I'm sure he wouldn't be too adverse to travelling a little. Is there any good tutors around that might have a spare double bass for their students that you guys might know?  

Thanks! Jade

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Chris Kelly is based in SE and teaches double bass, not sure if he'll have a spare instrument but worth a try:


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IIRC Dave Swift, Jools Holland's Bassist, was offering one-to-one lessons.

He's a member here (swiftbass) and on Indeed. 

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      Bassix folding upright bass in good working order, has a few battle scars and a rattle which don't affect playability. Sturdy and sounds good through an amp with the included pickup. More images of marks to follow when I pull it from storage at a relatives house, it just isn't getting used at the moment.
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      The scale is 4/4, but the body is 3/4, built with massive tone wood. It is nothing short than huge. I had to get a new car to be able to transport it smoothly.
      Anyway, the bass is huge, the tone is huge. The instrument is built 2012, so I wonder how the tone will be in a hundred years when it is this big and full now...
      I've used a David Gage Realist on the bass, but it didn't work well. A lot of ugly "mid artifacts" that demanded heavy filtering to sound decent amplified.
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      Then my eye caught the little Redeemer Beltpack from Creation Audio Labs. It has an input impedance over 20 Mohms(!!!) making any pickup work well with any amp.
      I ordered one, and Lo and Behold! The tone is big and full. No gain problems. No need for eq-ing other than cutting some low bass. Best preamp I've ever used.
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