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Ibanez Parlour Acoustic Bass. Help needed, please.

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Now don't larf but I'm now playing bass again in a local blooze band.😀

I'm allowed to use my small lightweight rig and a Danelectro Long Horn or Fender Mustang so's my back and shoulders don't suffer.

Friday night, an acousticy set was proposed. Great says I until I tried playing my full size 34" scale acoustic bass, nearly killed me and I'm still suffering this morning.

Hoiked out my little ukulele bass which sounded good but looked daft.

So I'm now considering one of them Ibanez parlour acoustical jobbies as I play a parlour guitar and resonators daily with no problems.

Has anyone on here got one? Anyone have  experience with one? Any advice? Strings etc.?

All help gratefully received.


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As always I see it as my duty to suggest a middle way between full scale acoustic basses and ukulele basses in the shape of the Taylor GS Mini-e Bass, II've got one and it's a gem. I have noticed a lot more companies making these lately, Stagg, Ibanez, Ortega, Guild...

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I feel your pain - literally, as I had to quit a busy and successful band last year due to shoulder pain.

I'm currently having a light weight custom bass made by andyjr1515 of this forum.

That's one solution.

Alternatively, what about a semi-hollow? My Yamaha Bex, in my profile pic, is very light although a bit neck-divey.

I've got a bass Uke and use it live often, although only for certain songs (where poor intonation isn't noticed 😉). Why worry about what it looks like and what other people might think? 

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I have moved to short scales mainly because of small hands but the weight was also a serious factor. I’m a large chap and the shorter scales look ridiculous when I play them, I feel the best way to deal with this is not to give a 5h1t.

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