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Bass Collection - P Bass - Price Drop - Sold

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Bass Collection P bass, good condition.

Bought with a view to upgrading and tinkering a bit, but in the end I haven't touched a thing as it is a good straightforward P bass that does everything it should perfectly well. I think it's all original but there are no ashtrays with it. Wearing a new set of D'Addario Nickel Wound's 45 to 100.

Can provide hard case so can post/courier in UK at buyers expense or collection from PE8.






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Price Drop

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Measuring dimensions they match up with the bass centre website (Power bass), I cannot verify the age of the bass and I am not the first owner but the website has woods as body = basswood, neck = maple (satin finish Super slim 60's profile) and fingerboard as rosewood (the fingerboard is on the grey/green side of rosewood not the red side).  :

40mm Neck width at Nut

57mm neck width at 12th fret

Neck Depth 20mm @ 1st fret

Neck Depth 22mm @ 12th fret

Bathroom scales have this one coming out at 3.9kg website guide is 4.1kg

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    • By Scoobs
      HI folks, this has probably been done before so apologies if my use of the search function was poor and here goes. Currently I'm playing a Farida Jazz bass and I'm after something else (looks like junior is keen to learn the bass which is convenient as I can pass the Farida on to him). I think I'm after a more PBass sound. When I listen to comparisons and watch stuff like the bas whisperer I'm always drawn to the P Bass / MM sound. I play a MIM Precision at church which is ok, never have time to play with the amp much to change the tone and if it was mine I'd change the strings but hey ho. I also played a friend's MM stingray which was lovely then I looked at the price which explained things, out of budget by a country mile. So my questions is if I can get about £500 together what other options are there. There's a lovely looking MIJ Fender in the classifieds, I know there is a Yamaha of sorts, what about the G&L Tribute. I'm not fussed about the name on the headstock, I am finding the Farida a bit heavy so weight is a consideration, not sure I want anything active unless it was in the realms of the Stingray which may be optimistic given my budget.
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      Having succumbed to some recent and unexpected vintage bass GAS I find myself needing to recoup some funds so I am selling my amazing lightweight Jake L 4P Classic Precision Bass from  Maruszczyk Instruments in Germany. This is a superb bass in every way and weighs only 3.1kg ( just under 7lbs) making it extremely comfortable to play even for long periods, its like wearing a feather, seriously!! The bass is less than 1 year old and was bought new by me from Pierre Ganseman at https://bassfreaks.net/. Great warm and punchy P Bass tone from the Alder body combined with the Delano pickup, these really are extremely well made instruments as many members on here already know. Currently strung with nice new GHS Pressure wounds (rounds) which sound really great but I can put an almost new set of D' Addario chrome flats on if you prefer a more old school tone. Condition is pretty much as I bought it, in other words its absolutely mint, like new! This model is creeping up on £950stg  for a new one nowadays so I think my asking price is very fair. The bass is located in Ireland but shipping to the UK and other European countries can be arranged in a used but very robust hard case. Any other questions please PM and I'll do my best to answer asap.. No trades I'm afraid, need the money on this occasion...
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    • By spyder
      Due to me playing exclusively 5 strings basses I'm putting up my 1975 P Bass for sale or Trade. 
      This bass was bought on here and is totally genuine and original.
      Pots are dated 1974, the pickup has been checked and is correct.
      Weight is 3.6kg with the bridge and pickup covers on.
      Strung with Ti flats. 
      Comes with a NEW Gator hard case and Box for shipping.
      Truss rod works perfectly. 
      Action is low with a straight neck and pickups that are powerful with the typical vintage P bass sound. Everything works as it should. 
      This is a fantastic vintage bass that can be gigged, used in a studio or simply put under the bed for a future sale.
      Would prefer a trade for a 5 string.... what have you got?
      Postage is available for £50 fully insured for 🇬🇧 UK and £70 for the 🇪🇺 EU. 
      Hit me guys with your trades.
      Any questions, please make contact.
      My Feedback, old and new going back 11 years.
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