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Sold -- Please close.

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This bass is my dream and he looks and plays that way too. Sound and playability is outstanding. After trying out around 10 other Fodoras at Thomann, I have chosen this one very clearly! Made in 2017, end of the year.

The bass was not giged.

He would stay home and played in my rooms only (no smoking, no animals).

And with 4.5 kg is a very light Fodera 5 Custom!

A Fodera is a Fender-Concept in a perfect way. Sound, playability, craftsmanship etc.

Fodera Monarch 5-String
34" scale lenght
24 frets

19mm stringspacing
Ebony Fingerboard
3-piece Maple Neck
Buckeye-burl Top and matching Headstock
Mahogany Body
Bass has 4,5 kg, so it is the lightest 5-string Foderas i had my hands on
Pope Fodera Custom Electronik
Fodera Teardrop Case

The Pictures are mine (unfortunately made with my not very good photo of my mobile device) except 2, made by Fodera.

If someone is interested to visit this play: you are very welcome. It is located nearby Ingolstadt, home of Audi cars. Also is possible to skype if interested in this bass.

Shipping with DHL with actual costs only. Depends on country and insurance. See international shipping site of DHL or ask. Shipped in original Fodera carton box.

















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I hope your health issue is sorted out soon and with a minimum of nastiness.

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£6400 price drop does that mean your giving it away? lol only joking...good luck with the sale.


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    • By mrbassman_de
      Fodera Imperial 5 from 2004 in like new condition. The shown pictures are from March 21 and not optimized in any way.

      Super rare Brazilian Tulipwood Full Top and Board (this has been a 3000 USD upgrade and is currently not offered anymore by Fodera. Brazilian Tulipwood is a Dalbergia species and should not be mistaken for North American Tulipwood which is a common light wood used for bodies. 35" scale, 22 frets and 19mm spacing at bridge. 5pc Maple Neck.

      The Tulipwood is attractively contrasted by Purpleheart pickup covers and dots. The body is made of Ash.
      Pickups are Aero Dual Coils, preamp is the famous Pope.
      The bass has been well cared for and condition is like new. Truss rod, electronics, hardware - everything works as expected. OHSC included.
      SOLD !
    • By Cleanhead
      SOLD   Hello, here comes a real Black Pearl with all the bells and whistles ...    No scratches, dents or other damage. On the pictures are partly dust particles to see, these are not paint damage.   Ritter Roya 5 String #1130 Alder body Maple neck Ebony fingerboard (stabilized) with blue side LED Ritter triple bucker and slimbucker Ritter Electronic (18 Volt): volume, blend, bass, treble, highmid, lowmid weight ca: 3,8kg   New price: 6.500 GBP   Absolutely low string action - really one of the best I had under my fingers so far.   Special features strings through body - which I have never seen on a Ritter. Side dot LEDs - switchable through the passive tone blend (push/pull) Ritter F4 electronics with volume (push/pull active/passive), blend, passiv tone blend, treble, bass, lowmid, highmid   How it sounds, you can hear in the following youtubes (all recorded at home with GarageBand. Bass directly into a Scarlett Solo. Compressor and EQ (Garage Band).   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhn9BoVRBA8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkSLvmXM2y0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp1amaFmT68   I will be happy to answer any questions. You can also contact Jens directly. More pictures on request. Recordings of the bass only - on request. Testing anytime in Mainz (Germany)   Last but not least. Shipping within the EU is no problem. To Great Britain after you've Brexit the party, I really don't know, but we can find out.   I won't answer best price questions. If you are interested feel free to make a serious offer ...  

    • By davidak
      Up for sale is this wonderful Fodera Monarch Elite 4. Very rare Elite model (top of the line) and especially in 4 string version. Bass is absolute beauty, plays and sounds fantastic as you would expect from Elite Fodera.
      - Mahogany body
      - Alder tone block
      - Curly walnut top - nearly magical pattern to look at
      - Ebony fingerboard
      - Abalone blocks/inlays
      - Duncan Dual Coils
      - Pope Electronics
      - Comes from "golden" era of Fodera, when everything was done exclusively by Vinny
      Bass is in perfect condition, everything is original. 
      Shipped from Czech Republic and shipping is included in the price, UK buyers please PM me and we manage postBrexit conditions somehow.
      6350€ or whatever equivalent in GBP.

    • By mrbassman_de
      Important note: Buyer‘s from within UK should be aware that for imports from EU to UK since Jan 1st the UK VAT will be applicable. This VAT has to be paid by the UK buyer once the goods are crossing the borders.
      Selling my 90s Fodera Imperial 6 - which has the nicest body and neck shape - and the deepest and most crisp sound of any Fodera I owned (and I had some ...).
      Mahogany body (up to 2000 or so Vinnie used frequently Honduran Mahogany, a wood that is used in Acoustic Guitars and is well known for its extraordinarily tonal capabilities.
      Bubinga Top
      36" Neck with a Rosewood Board (looks like Kingwood or Amazon, close to Brazilian) and 28 frets
      Locking Bridge
      Hazlab Preamp
      Bartolini Pickups
      19mm at Bridge
      5 kg
      Fodera Teardrop Case
      The neck is asymmetrically shaped (like the older Tobias basses) which feels great ! The body is nicely shaped (like all of the 90s Imperials) and thinner than usual.
      The action is VERY low and allows neckbreaking fast licks (if they are in the fingers). Frets are top, everything works fine.

    • By brucethebassplayer1
      NEW PRICE £5999
      A Fodera Monarch Deluxe made in October 2014, in stunning condition with deluxe case.
      Featuring the same tone wood and pickup combination as the Victor Wooten Classic: A Mahogany body, Indian Rosewood fingerboard, and EMG P/J’s. "This bass delivers a rich, articulate tone with deep, warm lows, clear, bell-like highs, and an overall modern vibe".

      This bass also features a dark Buckeye Burl top with lost of dark, intricate figure, as well as tulip inlays at the 12th and 24th frets!
      Body Woods
      • Monarch
      • Mahogany Body
      • No Tone Block
      • Buckeye Burl Top (Solid)

      Neck Woods
      • Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
      • 3-pc. Hard Rock Maple
      • Mother-of-Pearl Dot Inlays w/ Tulips on 12th and 24th frets

      Construction Specs
      • Birth Date - October 2014
      • Dovetail Construction
      • 34" Scale Length
      • 4 String Configuration (19.0mm Spacing)
      • 24 Frets (Large)

      Electronics Options
      • Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp
      • EMG P / J Pickups
      • Monarch Control Layout

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