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**SOLD** Hipshot Ultralite Clover HB6 1/2 inch tuning machine tuner heads set of 4

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Super clean, full working order set of Hipshot Ultralites. 1/2 inch post size

These were bought from BassDirect a few years back. They’re £25 each to buy new.

Exact measurements are shown in the images.

Thanks for looking!

Call or text or BC message if you’re interested.









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    • By DanTM
      Hello there !

      So I fell in love with a Sandberg which I've already ordered and since I am not Richie Rich I need to sell something to raise the funds for this aka live in peace with the mother of my children.

      I have to admit that this move is stupid since it burns the money I've spent in the blink of an eye but the love for the Sandberg is so strong ..... I don't care.

      Up for sale is the Warmoth PJ project that has just been finished and is built from only highclass parts. So far has been played on for maybe 3 hours so it is like new !

      Warmoth Custom Body
      Model: Chambered P Bass®
      Orientation: Right handed
      Scale: 34"
      Wood: Flame Maple on Mahogany
      Contours: Contoured Heel / Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour
      Battery Box: No Battery Box Rout
      Top Finish: Transparent Purple
      Back Finish: Transparent Purple
      Finish Type: Satin Finish

      Warmoth Custom Neck
      Style: J Bass®
      Orientation: Right Handed
      Neck Wood/Hals: Roasted Flame Maple
      Fingerboard/Griffbrett Wood: Ebony
      Nut Width: 1-1/2" (38mm)
      Fret Size/Bünde: 6150
      Tuner Ream: BML (17.5mm)
      Radius: 10"
      Scale: 34"
      Fret #: 21
      Pre-Cut Installed String Nut/Sattel: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut
      Inlays: Cream Face Dots
      Side Dots: White Side Dots
      Stiffening Rods:Standard Steel Rods

      I put several layers of TruOil on the neck and put one seal of wax on it in the end - Feels just awesome and looks amazing !

      Tuners: HipShot UltraLite
      Bridge: HipShot Style A Aluminium Bridge
      Pickups: Sandberg Black Label
      Electrics: Noll TCM 4 XM (B 2083) - Runs with 2 x 9 Volt batteries = 18 V for more headroom
      Potis: 3 x Tandem
      Pins: Schaller Security Locks
      String retainer: Sandberg

      At the moment it is set up for D Standard --> DGCF

      4,5 KG

      This baby was put together by a professional luthier in Germany (Acys Guitar Lounge). It received the best treatment and all the routings and the electric cavity was shielded professionally.

      This is what it cost me:
      Pickups: 230 EUR
      Bridge: 130 EUR
      Electrics inkl. Potis: 200 EUR
      Body and Neck incl. shipping and all taxes: 1500 EUR
      Tuners: 145 EUR
      Security Locks: 20 EUR
      Luthier costs to put it together professionally: 630 EUR

      In total: 2.855 EUR

      I put it up for sale for 1.800 GBP inlcuding ...

      ... shipping to anywhere within the European Union
      ... standard Sandberg Gigbag
      ... higher insurance

      I am not interested in a trade

      You can play and pick it up in Munich/Germany and pay in cash if you want to. You can also pay by bank transfer (You cover the transfer costs) or by PayPal (Family & Friends only)

      If you want to I can make more pictures.

    • By Slug Ice
      Two Gotoh 201-B bridges for sale. £30 each.

      Feeler: Hipshot Kickass bridge with both brass and steel interchangeable inserts. £60.
      All prices include UK postage. All bridges for sale are finished in chrome and for 4 string basses and have the Fender-style 5 screw mount design. Extremely easy installation.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By lowregisterhead
      Got myself a lovely new Lakland 55-02 just after Christmas. It sits well on a strap, with no neck dive to speak of, but I thought I'd treat myself and upgrade the tuners from the Hipshot licensed ones they come fitted with to USA Ultralites, as Hipshot's website states that I would save as much as 0.06oz per tuner in weight! (Here's a link to the page which then links to specs and weights, for anyone who's interested - https://hipshot.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020825572-What-s-the-difference-between-Licensed-and-USA-Ultralite-tuning-machines- )
      The licensed tuners are perfectly good, but I persuaded myself the higher tolerances and superior materials of the USA tuners would also be worth a splurge, as well as the miniscule overall weight saving. The ones I chose are HB6C (clover head and 1/2" post). Imagine my astonishment when they arrived, I weighed them both, and the USA version was actually 0.05oz HEAVIER than the licensed version. They are actually bang on their stated weight as per the Hipshot spec sheets (1.95oz), but it turns out that at 1.9oz, the licensed tuners I have are 0.11oz underweight, going by their published specs. Now, you could say I shouldn't really be hugely peeved about the weight gain, I mean, spread across all 5 tuners, what's a quarter of a gram between friends? (No drugs references, please 😎) But is it really worth the £120 I just paid for supposed superior engineering?
      A minor fly in the ointment is the fact the bushes on the licensed tuners are 16mm diameter, but the holes in the headstock are 17.5mm. The bushes on the USA tuners are 17.5mm, so they're a snug fit. It begs the question why the hole is slightly too big for the tuners Lakland fit as standard in the first place, and also why the weight specs on the Hipshot website for the licensed tuners appear to be inaccurate. I even emailed Lakland to see if Hipshot made a special version for them, but they said they use these the HB6 - https://hipshotproducts.com/collections/bass-tuning/products/hb6-1-2-ultralite-licensed-bass-tuning-machine
      I'm tempted to put the old tuners back in, and stick the USAs up for sale to try and recoup some of my outlay. But let's be honest - does any of this really matter, or am I over-thinking it a tad?!? 😆
    • By paul_5
      this is taking up too much room on my work bench, so it needs to go ASAP. Dropped to £25 posted.
      Upgrading my ‘bitsa’ bass, so I’m selling this cheap Jazz bass neck.
      Maple neck with rosewood board and synthetic nut. 
      Usual Fender dimensions and a set of cheap as chips unbranded tuners, ideal for a project or similar ‘beater’ bass. Price includes postage to mainland UK address of your choice.




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