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Here is mine. Always a talking point, especially with pink strings. There is a 5 string version of this currently on eBay with a Gator hard case. At £229 it's a bargain if you want the case. Overpriced if you just want the bass.

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Did a project P based on an Axl acrylic body a few years ago. Original scratchplate but different everything else, so required plenty of drilling for bridge & pickups, plus filling existing holes if they were close to where I was drilling.

I used a hand drill, after marking/starting each hole with an awl. The material removed from the holes came out in nice little spirals, and there was no cracking around the tops. Old holes I filled with superglue, which was left to harden. It did a reasonable job of making them a bit less obvious too, but they were all hidden under hardware anyway.

Weighed a metric f*cktonne and the neck was awful, but it looked awesome.



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