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NBD x 2 Revalation Jazz and Blockhead Bass

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So the Blockhead is a Bass Collection copy of Norm's '62 Jazz (the reliced one), and very nice it is too! The relic job look authentic and the shoreline gold looks good. It has a relatively low action and is very resonant - 'zingy' like a Jazz should be. I think the PUP's are Seymours and the relicing even includes the slight rounding off of the corners of both pups I'm guessing to replicate Norms finger wear? Whatever, it makes them very comfy to rest on! All in all as good a Jazz as I've played and better than most.

Right now onto the Revalation....For under £200 quid delivered (Rich Tone Music) its amazing. I went for the aged white version, Maple board with blocks, lovely looking headstock and the build quality is I'm pleased to say very good. Out of the box, the action is medium to low and it slaps like a good 'un! The entwistle pups appear to be high output, I had to turn the amp down after switching from the Blockhead. The only slight issue is that with the bridge pup rolled right off, so neck pup only, the output on E and A strings is very weak almost inaudible (D&G fine) but with both pup's all fine across the range?

I'm looking forward to giving them both an outing on Sunday to see how they compare to my P basses in a gig situation. Honestly for the money the Revalation is just that!

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[quote name='gary mac' timestamp='1501181451' post='3343195']
Two new basses, what a great day for you :)

Cheers Gary, yeah had lots of fun today!

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