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Rat Tail w/2nd distortion mod & feedback mod SILLY PRICE DROP

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No explanation needed here
THE best incarnation of that famous distortion circuit around.
This one has the awesome second distortion circuit and a cool feedback switch for you noisemakers !
I don't really relish the thought of being without this pedal but I just can't justify keeping TOO much dirt since I copped a Swiss Army Knife Owen Space Charge and I'm desperate need of octavers!!
POG' or Pitchforks with some cash or a a Mooer tender are top of my lists.
Thanks in advance
One Love x

now a silly £70 ovno 

no internet so please text on 07963564683

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Tempting. I've been considering either a standard Cat Tail or an MXR Distortion as the final step in my gain chain. I'll need to wait until payday before I blow any more money on pedals... Real estate is a bit of an issue too, which [i]may[/i] put the Fuzzrocuious out of the running. If it's still for sale when the paycheck clears, I'll probably be in touch.

I assume the box size is the same irrespective of the mod?

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Interesting - is this a three footswitch rat tail then? I've got one with the 2nd distortion mod but didn't realise they could fit the momentary feedback switch too.

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