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Bought a Alleva LG5 from Antonio. I never posted a negative feedback anywhere but this time I feel really fooled by the seller !

1) Condition of the bass was not as described: dents from Belt Buckle on the back and Thumb wear around pickup not mentioned, but clearly visible, the ad stated no dings without the one shownin the pic
2) Bass was offered with Brazilian Rosewood but in fact it has a Jimmywood board, which is expensive too, but much less worth than the promised Brazilian
3) Weight is 4.33 kg instead of 4.1 kg mentioned
4) Before the deal was closed he did not want to chat too much and also not to verify the written entries in the neck pocket (which afterwards had proven his statements false)
5) Return of the bass declined, partial refund delined, no sorry in even one sentence. Does not feel responsible for what he is doing. Stopped any communication after I mentioned my complaints.

No doubt: I will never do any type of business or communication with this seller again. The bass turned out to be a very good Alleva LG5 Supreme, but with a worse condition and config than expected and paid for. Very bad communication.

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I read this feedback now .. Rainer is a liar because you talk about bad communication (you wrote me at least 70 messages and I answered you 70 times in 4) .. i think it's your custom to buy tools then ask for Money back for the usual things that never go well after receiving the instrument. For whatever you have written I can only say that you should spend more time playing instead of writing cobwebs. Said this I close any kind of conversation with one who writes 70 messages and then talks about bad communication and even scam.

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Worst seller and communication ever !

In fact, I bought an Alleva Coppolo LG5 Supreme from him, and the communication with him was one of my worst experiences in more than 20 years of online chatting with buyers and sellers. He not only fooled me by selling something different from the advertisement but he also refused any compensation or discussion about this.

One of my first questions was whether the board is really Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia negra), because I already own 4 Allevas and the only reason to buy another one is that wood, especially at this outstanding price he asked (4.700 EUR). He refused to check the statements which Jimmy always write onto the neck end. That would have made the situation 100% clear. Anyway he claimed it would be a Supreme because he paid as much as for a Supreme. See below.

Actually it is stated by Jimmy onto the neck end that the bass is indeed a Supreme but has a Jimmywood board which is in fact a blend of Dalbergia nigra and Dalbergia spruceana (Amazon Rosewood), tonally and aesthetically and pricewise totally different from pure Brazilian Rosewood. And - I could import that wood easily to EU and would of course prefer a new purchased one instead of a new one - at this price. Only Brazilian is nearly impossible to import to EU due to the CITES restrictions. Jimmy confirmed that Jimmywood is also used for Supremes but of course much less expensive.

After chatting about my questions for 2 days (end NEVER 70 questions - who is the liar ?) Antonio was tired of mailing and wanted to close the deal. I confirmed even if not all questions were answered though.

Now when the bass arrived I was of course annoyed when I read the statements in the neck pocket. Besides the board wood I was also surprised by the condition of the bass. It was clearly stated yet shown by blurry pics that the condition would be like new (besides one ding which was visible in the pics). That is definitely not true ! The bass has a belt buckle rash area on the back and thumb playing wear around the pickups. Several small dings and dongs all over the body. It does not really hurt me but if someone states "like new" it should be at least close to that.

Anyway - I made some investigation about the history of the bass and I found that the italian distributor of Alleva sold the bass as a Classic (not a Supreme) to an Italian player which sold the bass for 4.500 EUR to Antonio (Antonio confirmed this later). The bass was originally equipped with Jimmywood as a compensation for a late delivery - so Jimmy named it a Supreme. But in fact both players paid for a Classic... The distributor confirmed that a bass like this would be 5.200 EUR NEW.

Considering the mismatch between advertisement and facts I asked Antonio to offer a small discount - at least I would feel very bad if he fools me and even makes profit from that deal. So I shyly asked Antonio to give a 200 EUR discount (the difference between what he paid and what I paid) - which is a joke considering the price difference between the board woods. Not to mention the condition.

Antonio strictly refused any discount or rollback and even did not want to discuss anything. On top of that he shouted me I would ALWAYS ask for a discount after getting basses - which is another lie. I NEVER haggle with sellers because I usually don't have to ! The only deal where I also asked for a late discount was another Alleva which i bought from a player in Italy (probably a friend from Antonio, so he assumed that I ALWAYS ask for a discount). That Alleva RA had 5 big holes in the body (0,5 to 1cm wide and 3-5 mm deep ! which were not mentioned and not shown in the ad - it was also described as very good !).

I made countless successful deals in the past with players all over the world but these two sellers fooled me. You can see my feedback and reputation at talkbass, basschat and bassic as well as ebay and I never received or gave bad feedback. I sell my basses always fully as described and expect nearly the same fairness from other sellers.

Antonio is new to the market and he definitely does not feel responsible for what he is selling. I would never do any business or even chat with him and always recommend to be careful with those guys from Italy.

Decide by yourself who is a liar. I am ready to give further details via PM. I have nothing to add here.

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Just checked again: I wrote 8 messages via basschat - then Antonio wanted to not discuss anymore and I (my fault) decided to confirm the deal. Everything afterwards related to payment and address stuff... and the "conversation" after receiving that bass...

Again - what stories are YOU telling here ?

The original text in the ad was immediately deleted after the deal... afraid of the truth ?

You don't care about buyer's satisfaction - so don't cry if the final feedback tells exactly that - that's the truth and nothing less. And that's what a feedback thread is living for.

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Sold  a Yamaha BB1600 to Antionio. Prompt Payer.Very Good communication.Excellent to deal with.Highly Recommended,

All the best,


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