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Have to say no trades alas, needing the coin just now otherwise I'd probably keep most of it. as a bedroom noodler all of these (bar the HAX and DOD) haven't even seen a stage and are in shamefully good condition. will post to UK.


[s]- MWFX Tremolo (wooden enclosure version) - £130 posted [/s]**SOLD**

[s]Amazing box that's probably too much trem for me to handle tbh. Painful to sell still as I loved the ramp up/down waveforms. This is MWFX's slightly more expensive model as it has CV OUT and Clock IN holes as extra, see below. Has wee footswitches for tap tempo and multiplying the rate by 2,4 etc. Also wood is awesome. deets here:
guy had a nice video too but not on the site at the moment apparently as he is out of stock as far as I can see (as of posting)[/s]


- DOD Bass Stereo Flanger - £45 posted

- These ancient-ish stomps, like the original meat box, with the unholy triumvirate of naff battery hatches, footswitches and power ins. I am including an adaptor for standard centre negative supply however at least :) I have another flanger so one has to go, showing its age but still sounds really good, and mad in a feedback loop.


- Iommi's Knob - £120 posted

Honestly not sure this will go on Basschat but it's in the pile so hey ho, probly bound for fleabay or reverb when I can be bothered. This is a totally one-off Rangemaster clone (I barely play guitar and never used it with bass so its been safe in its box for a few years now), I actually won this randomly in a charity fundraiser lottery type thing hosted by Dunwich Amps in the US, with most pieces donated from different small builders. As such I can't actually remember who made this (possibly Magic Pedals or similar). Cool Tony Iommi acid etch, can post a gut shot if interested but even though it is signed it doesn't state the builder unfortunately. Knobs are volume and a 4 way selector for freq. range I believe, also has the single brightest LED (blue) I've ever had on a pedal, period.

[s]-Gojira Octaver - £45 posted [/s]**SOLD**

[s]Analogue octaver, knobs are +1, -1. -2 and clean, screenprint is from The Breakfast Club which you might find amusing or super lame. Pretty good but I love my Organiser too much.[/s]

[s]-Mojo Hand Recoil - £60 posted [/s] **SOLD**

[s]Like a standard 3 knob delay (mix, repeats, time) but with another knob for tone. Tone effects the repeats only, which is a cool extra feature to have for darker or brighter echoes. I just dont use delay enough to justify having one, and I have two already :|[/s]

[s]- Mooer Micro Looper - £40 posted [/s] **SOLD**

[s]Literally don't remember using this ever, though I'm sure I gave it a spin the week I got it. Blame random GAS for picking this up as it's definitely surplus to requirements. Have the original tiny box.[/s]

- Dwarfcraft HAX ring mod- £100 posted

The one stomp I least want to part with as I love horrible noises, and looking today it appears Dwarfcraft no longer produce this pedal except as a eurorack module unit. Knobs for volume, mix and voltage starve. Starve can be on full for 'normal' or dial back for strange stuff, tricky to dial in. 2nd switch to swap between high and low freq's quickly. Also takes an expression input (recommended for max lols).

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