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Unique opportunity to trade a 4 string Wal for the prototype for the Mk3/Six string range

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Reposting a comment from Rob Burns in the Wal Facebook group...

"May want to exchange my prototype Wal 6 string for a Wal 4 or 5 string ebony fretless. Any interest?"

Rob was considering this prior to his recent nasty hand injury and we'd been discussing offline prior to his accident so not directly related. The bass in question is a solid ash 6 string that Pete had used as a prototype for the 6 string/Mark III design. He gave it to Rob as a gift... and it's a beaut! Currently de-fretted but Rob has the original frets and is happy to restore to original.

His motivation is he's just not using it and would rather it was. On the other hand, he sold both his 4's many moons ago and has realised over the years that was a huge mistake.

Facebook link here. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154746347810860&set=gm.10155064814884312&type=3&theater

Info about the bass on my Wal blog here. http://walbasshistory.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/wal-players-discuss-their-basses-rob.html

If you're seriously interested PM Rob on Facebook.

Mods if inappropriate or wrongly placed please do your thing. No personal affiliation with the sale other than having know Rob for years through social media and via my Wal history blog.

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Piece of Wal history there :)

Not many sixers in existence and this being the first it's something a little bit special :)

How many sixers do you think there out there Trevor? 20 maybe?

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