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FS: Small mixer

topo morto

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Digitech hardwire RV-7 reverb - boxed, excellent condition with all the bits - £60. SOLD
Bearfoot Mint Green Mini Vibe - Boxed, comes with Free 'Option Knob' for foot control (brilliant for the speed function!) - £90. SOLD
EQD Ghost Echo - Boxed with bag, excellent condition, comes with Free 'Option Knob' for foot control - [s]£85.[/s]£80 SOLD

Bright onion passive looper - will throw in for £5 with anything else here. SOLD
SFX H1 headphone amp - top quality headphone amp for your pedalboard - £90. SOLD

Tech 21 Sansamp GT2 - Good condition - £60 SOLD
Tech 21 Bass Driver - Good condition with tin - £110 SOLD

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power ISO 5 - Boxed with all the bits - [s]£75[/s] £70 SOLD
T-Rex Fuel tank JR - boxed with all the bits - £50. SOLD

Hama mini mixer - a 'video' mixer but powers off 9v centre -ve - will include for £5 extra with anything else here.
Pulse Stereo mixer - very similar to ART Powermix III - £25 - SOLD
Midiman Multimixer 10 - £25.SOLD

Prices assume paypal gift and include postage. No trades thanks. Any questions, let me know!

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[quote name='dodge_bass' timestamp='1462716017' post='3045105']
Any trades or only sales?

I'm getting out of the pedal game/generally having a clear out, so not that much I'm looking for TBH...looking for the cash really. Sensible offers considered though!

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