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big rob

"The Strays" my bands new material.

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I've had a listen, and overall I found it a pleasant listening experience. Songs are hooky and there's some interesting stuff going on in there (like the bouncy, squishy bass in the intro/outro of Dominoes). Recordings seem well mixed/balanced and crisp - I can make out most of the stuff that's going on and am able to pick out individual things to focus on. The overall sound of the songs is from a past era that I can't quite put my finger on but I'd hazard a guess at early to mid '90s, somewhere between Stone Roses and Britpop - no problem with that, it's an era I "matured" to and I look back on it fondly.

I thought I heard a stuttery moment or two in "On the Job", not awful ear scraping errors just some hesitant timing or something where things just didn't quite line up 100%.

Apart from that though, I enjoyed the tracks, and thanks for sharing them :)

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Cheers for the feedback, your right about on the job, click track me and the drummer not always on the same wave length there.

Cheers again for the feedback.

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