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Percy Jones interviewed for Basschat, May 2015

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[quote name='skelf' timestamp='1440694743' post='2853085']
Have to say Kev not impressed with the interview. Still don't know his favourite colour and who is his favourite One Direction member. Must try harder.

Arf! Edited by Spoombung

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The interview is now up on my blog with more links and photos:


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[quote name='Spoombung' timestamp='1434442777' post='2799516']

Yes, he'd certainly be a good choice of interviewee.

Not sure if I want to do anymore though. The problem is WHERE to put the interviews afterwards. Print publications work to a maximum of 1400 words - that's why they're often brief and rather boring. This interview above is nearly 6000 words. FB online bass blogs are usually equally brief or work to a schedule dominated by their sponsors...or do not respond when you email them with an offer of a free interview. And here on BC interviews are no longer pinned, and you cannot imbed more than two videos (they don't seem to show anyway). All this puts me off doing more I'm afraid.

Blogger or Wordpress are dead easy to set up and use - that's what I plumped for when we moved provider and I lost the web space I had with our broadband and was usin gfor the Wal History Blog. I've often considered starting another Blogger blog just to host my old non-Wal music writing for the sadly now largely defunct Wears The Trousers magazine... Another thing I never quite got round to...

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