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Mexican Strat truss rod tools

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Hi all,

Bought a Mexican Stratocaster (the Sambora signature model) second hand a couple of weeks ago but it really needs setting up and I haven't got a truss rod tool to do the job. I have allen keys but I can't get them in the top of the truss rod properly so I want to buy a proper fender tool for the job, but I don't know what size to get. I assumed that they would all be the same size for strats but apparently they vary between models. Anyone have an idea of what one I need before I go and buy the wrong one?

Cheerz all! :)

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Look at your allen keys - are they metric or imperial?

According to a quick bit of googlefu, MIM strats take a 3/16" allen key, you might need to temporarily loosen/remove the string retainer behind the floyd locking nut to allow proper access to the trussrod - no need to buy an expensive fender tool IMHO.

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