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Roscoe Century Custom 5-String

Joe Hubbard Bass

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Roscoe Century Custom 5-String: £2250

Picture taken before Aguilar Pickups were installed.

Features Include:

Pomele Sapele maple top (£500 upgrade)
Spanish Cedar Body
Finish - Satin
Maple/Purpleheart/Maple neck with contrasting stringers
Fingerboard - Wenge (£60 option), white side markers
35" Scale - 24 fret
Aguilar OBP3 pre amp with push/pull mid freq shift (250hz/800hz) (£140 Upgrade)
Aguilar Soap Bar Pickups (£190 upgrade)
Black ultralight tuners
Black Hipshot A style bridge in Aluminium
Roscoe hard case (£100 option)

Here's a video of me playing the bass with the Aguilars in it:


Perfect Condition!

Interested? Shoot me an email: [email protected]

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Thanks so much for the Youtube vids Joe - they are surprisingly accessible from someone with unattainable chops from another planet. You're a bit of a hero of mine ever since I saw you at the Half Moon Putney 40 years ago! Used a trace elliot 4x10 with Joe Hubbard written on it for 20 yrs (not because it was yours!) That bass looks very cool but I'm not buying right now - in fact I have a similar Roscoe 6 string which I love and you have inspired me to change the Bartolini's for Aquilars - now on their way to me! Your Peace piece sounds awesome. May I ask what effects you have on that - is it just reverb? Thanks again Joe.

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