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Mesa Boogie 1 x 12 Walkabout 300w rms 8ohm Cab **SOLD**

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Well, I finally manage to obtain the cab of my dreams & then I receive the vet bill from hell before I even got the chance to play a gig with it!!

This is the rare 8ohm version and therefore is ideal as an extension cab if you are lucky enough to own the combo.

It is both small & light, plus the build quality is second to none and it is in lovely condition with just the obligatory few scratches to the protective corners.

**I have just amended the listing - having assumed that the speaker would be an Electrovoice?? however in the interest of getting the details correct before letting her go - please see the next paragraph**

1 x 12 front facing Celestion Neo BN12 - 300s 300w speaker - I presume that the original speaker was an Electrovoice? and it has been replaced at some stage?? - but then again what do I know?? - apart from that Lean Celestion sold them at £111.00 each until they sold out of them + it sounds fab and makes the cab ridiculously light. I have actually played in an 8 piece band with the 200w Neo 10" version of this speaker (which had a brass section, a reincarnation of Rick Wakeman and a really loud drummer from the planet Loud) & was asked if I could 'turn down a bit' - what's all that about :gas: :gas:?? - having thought about it though, it probably wasn't the volume, but my really rubbish playing :D :D :D :D :D !!

High quality adjustable horn AND a passive downward facing 1 x 10 driver - phwoar!!! - which appears to be the original one.

Comes complete with an original Mesa cover.

All this & I never even had the pleasure of rehearsing with it, but it sounded blinking fab at home

Bought very recently from a fellow basschatter, for £250 + postage, so I'd just like to get the same back for it, to go towards the vitnery bill!!

Would prefer cash on collection, or payment via Paypa - 'as a gift', or Bank transfer & buyer to arrange their own courier please.

Pics to follow when it's light

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Yes when I owned it I didn't look at the main driver but assumed it was original - although I didn't own it for more than a few weeks it certainly shook the place!

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