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  1. I used to have a Series 1 and it was fantastic - regret selling it but it was a case of needs must at the time... been looking to replace it ever since, if this was a Series 1 I would have been all over it. GLWTS.
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    Just bought a EHX pedal from Martin - perfect transaction, good price, well packaged and super quick. Many thanks
  3. Thanks mate - perfect transaction, good price, well packaged and super quick
  4. Hi Guys For sale (or trade - see below) is my AKAI Unibass UB1. Purchased at the beginning of the year for a project that has now sadly folded, it's been on my board since I got it. In excellent used condition but now surplus to requirements. Has velcro on the base but I have the original feet and a photocopy of the manual which will be included. No PSU I'm afraid, it was powered via a daisy chain on my board. I understand these are quite rare and sought after now so hopefully it can go to a good new home. Looking for £160 plus approx £10 for p+p, alternatively I'm open to trades (with cash adjustment) for a good compressor (ideally a MXR M87 Bass Compressor) or a EHX C9 (just for fun!). Pics... [attachment=195805:IMG_5861.jpg][attachment=195806:IMG_5862.jpg][attachment=195807:IMG_5863.jpg][attachment=195808:IMG_5864.jpg] Thanks for looking... John
  5. Bought a bass of Martyn, top bloke - he literally went the extra mile
  6. Tim is a top bloke, and an absolute credit to Basschat. Great comms and went the extra mile, many thanks John
  7. To continue the theme he's something that was brought to my attention a few days ago... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9-PbqoBA2k"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9-PbqoBA2k[/url]
  8. Daf you have PM And for those of you who are interested (and bearing in mind I'm still quite new to all this, and have nothing except the Evah's that came on my bass for comparison) I found the Honeys to be a bit louder on my bass, seemed to have slightly more overtones/harmonics and they bow pretty well too - they weren't as dark sounding as the Evah's to my ear... but if I was looking to buy a new set of strings I'd certainly consider them as them seem very good value. I'm looking forward to trying the Ultra Black's next Cheers John
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying the Honey's at the moment but would love to give these a try too, please add me to the list. Many thanks
  10. Hi Daf I've got them at the moment - arrived a couple of days ago, haven't had chance to fit them yet, hopefully over the Christmas holiday I'll have a free day and will get them on - how long is it acceptable to hang on to them for? Cheers John
  11. Clarky - not your fault mate, I should have spec'd the bigger size, my locking jack socket is larger than a standard one. I've put a couple of feelers out and I know you're trying to get a couple of bigger loops, so I'm sure it'll all work out one way or another
  12. [quote name='Clarky' timestamp='1353250329' post='1872936'] OK, so thats jwb - 2 jacks (I will double-check these fit locking socket) [/quote] Great thanks mate, looking again at the link it appears that is what is in the picture at the bottom - I think the €12 is for the locking jack itself and the clip is the standard one, but always worth double (bass) checking Cheers John
  13. These look great, I'll have a couple too please, not sure what size I'll need, I've got a Bassbalsereit but with a standard jack socket but its got the locking thingy like the last pic on the page in the link, so whatever size that is - hope that makes sense... cheers
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  18. Thanks Tom I think I've got my name on the list now, so I'll give them a go - I'm so new to this that I don't know what I'm talking about, my bass came with the Evah's on it (brand new set as recommended by George Martin) and I've not had any real reason to change, just curious I guess Cheers John
  19. Can I put my name down to try a set of Honeys please - how do you think they will compare to the Evah Pirazzi Weich I'm currently using? Cheers John
  20. [quote name='thisnameistaken' timestamp='1342519300' post='1736361'] Looking at that Allianz link, do I need two policies if I have double basses and bass guitars I need to insure? [/quote] I've been in touch with [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Allianz - they recommended setting the policy up under their PowerPlay policy as I have DB, BG and Amp to insure... so looks like one policy will cover all the stuff - hope this helps [/font][/color]
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