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Evening all,

This was bass was bought from a local player who was pleasant enough to let me try it out through my rig as usually I don't have that luxury being in Somerset. I had recently bought an American Fender jazz which turned out to be a dud, both in construction and tone, so I was quite surprised to find that this bass sounded better even with old strings and a naff set up, I bought it on the spot. After sorting out the set up and putting some fresh strings on it sounded even better and it was a fraction of the price of the US jazz. However, with a brand new Lakland 55-60 incoming and my other jazz still being my go-to bass, I would just like to either get some money back in my account or trade for something different.

I have replaced the original BBOT bridge with a much more solid Gotoh 201 which has really helped increase the sustain and helped with the adjustability of the bass. The overall condition is pretty good, there are a couple of dents which are evident in the pictures but they aren't anything substantial. I've currently shimmed the neck to get the action low enough for my taste but it can still go lower if required.



The official specs can be found [url="http://www.fender.com/en-GB/basses/jazz-bass/deluxe-active-jazz-bass-rosewood-fingerboard-vintage-white-4-ply-brown-shell-pickguard/"]here.[/url]

[u][b]Trade Bait:[/b][/u]

Precisions mainly but I'm open to anything really, maybe even a fretless.

I can also add money for the right deal too.



[b][u]Sound clip[/u][/b][u][b]:[/b][/u]

I recently used this bass for a demo recording which can be found here: [url="https://soundcloud.com/josh-duddridge/tripohopo-1"]https://soundcloud.c...dge/tripohopo-1[/url]

Any questions please just ask :)



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