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Help needed to stretch fingers

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I've only been playing Bass for about three months, I'm having some trouble playing a bar at the 5th fret and hammering on the 7th. Occasionally I'm bumming the note, getting a little buzz off the fret.Do I just persist with practice or are there some excercises to help me stretch ?? I believe the Bass I bought, a Yamaha BB414 is a long scale , which probably is not helping.

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Guest Bald Eagle

Chromatics, Chromatics,Chromatics sounds fancy it's not. 1 finger per fret up and down up and down all night long back & forth alternating up & down from index to pinkie, up to speed then try the hammer on's.
Your yammies scale is regular for a bass, and yeh before i'm berated get a teacher cause you need to be advised not to overstretch, which is important.

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and use a metronome too! Start very slow and work up. This sounds tedious, but when you do, watch your fingers, see what they are doing and readjust your fingering to get rid of any buzzes. Also concentrate on getting every note to sound at the same velocity as the previous. As you work up the metronome speed, 5bpm or so every 10 mins, keep concentrating on getting thise notes to sound clearly. This is great muscle memory training as well.

I also practice what is called 'whole tone scales'. It's quite easy, as you just move across the neck a tone at a time. Three notes per string. For example 4th string: G A B 3rd string: C# D# F 2nd string: G A B 1st string C# D# F. etc

One finger per tone! ;o) it's a big stretch for little hands. Do it slowly and to a metronome. You'll feel your pinkies stretching then!

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