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SOLD :Tanglewood Elfin 25" scale bass

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There is no sight better than a 6ft bass player with a tiny bass.

Up for sale here a bass I bought for a bit of a laugh, but which now has to travel on to a new home since I'm not really playing any more. It's a Tanglewood Elfin, that I've modified to make a convincing E-A-D-G bass. It has a replacement tuner for the E-string and a Schaller P-Bass pickup (based, I think on a Dimarzio design). It sounds like a real bass. Hell, it is a real bass! (but small). Strung (I think...) 130-105-85-65

Sad to see it go but I'll sell it to anywhere in the UK for £50 posted. Alternatively you can meet me in London and save the postage in which case I'll do it for £40.

Stay tuned to this channel - plenty more basses to sell!

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