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The recently orphaned rhythm section of State Of Grace ([url="http://www.st8ofgrace.co.uk"]http://www.st8ofgrace.co.uk[/url]) are now finding themselves in need of a couple of pi**y princesses to swan about flapping their hands, going for nervous pre-gig wee-wees and spend at least 15 minutes mindlessly noodling and messing about with NASA-complicated guitar pedals making no discernible difference to the sound before deciding to use the first one they tried and spend the rest of the night moaning about how unhappy they are with it.

During all of this, however, I will be doing something useful like pushing the little drummist around the car park in a Sainsbury's trolley.

In other words, we find ourselves with no folk for playing guitars, singing and taking all the credit. (which is fine behavior by us) Or if you're finding yourselves thinking:

"y'know - what this band REALLY needs is a drummer so Hobbitty-sized that a pint glass looks like a vase and a dirty big ugly bastid wot just stands at the back makin' thumpy noises and never smiles..."

Then look no further.

Should you find yourselves thinking:

"an it'd be really brill if they wouldn't stop dicking about, either..."

Then, what are you waiting for?

Message through here or the webpage or FarceBook or Tw@tter or tin cans & string or throw stones at the window or whatever...

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