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  1. You're a star, thanks I hope it gives you many years of flawless service! Power Amp and SKB rack still available if anyone is interested - trade-ins considered against either / both.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. looks nice - I love TC gear - What is the model of this - just curious I amafraid - I'm not able to consider buying it but if it's half as good as my TC preamp then it's the Mutts Nuts! Good luck.
  4. Weekend Bump The Power Amp and SKB 6U rack are still available. Any interest or offers?
  5. [quote name='Jesso' timestamp='1341114632' post='1713969'] This is such a cool looking amp. If I was in an 80's cover band I'd have it straight away. Alas, far too heavy for me [/quote] :-) I agree - always got people coming up on stage and admiring the amp! - sounds bloody lovely too and helps you build your muscles at the same time! :-)
  6. Just noticed that there are some 'new' adverts for Trace Elliot gear now for sale. For effective comparison this rig is a suprior equivalent of a Trace Elliot AH500. You get the same pre amp but the RA500 is a better heavier weight power amp. It still kicks out the same 500w, but has much heavier transformers and was without doubt the best power amp Trace Elliot ever built. It just weighs a ton.
  7. Bump - some interesting offers, but no deals done yet and still open to offers. I will consider trades and splits - just let me know what you have in mind.
  8. Sorry they were sold today for £100 to a guy who couldn't stop smiling after he had plugged them in and listened to his bass through them.
  9. FOR SALE Vintage one owner Trace Elliot rack - GP11, RA 500, 2 x 250w bi-amp system in SKB top quality lightweight 6U flightcase complete with original Trace Elliot UV lighting. I have owned this Stalwart of an AMP since new in the 1980s. All together the gear cost over £1100 back then and was considered to be simply the best gear on the planet. I had the UV light custom fitted by Trace Elliot from one of their AH500 Heads so I could see all the controls on a dark stage. It's true to say that they really don't make em like they used to and any amp specialist will tell you that this kit represents the best quality ever available. You get 2 x 250 real low end watts that can shake buildings and the option of a switchable crossover so you can send those watts to a sub and treble cab or sum them together as a mono 500w full range or as a stereo 2 x 250w standard full range power amp. The GP11 series 1 preamp needs no introduction. It is the unit that changed the industry, quickly adopted by all the top players of the day in all genres from The Who, Level 42, Japan, Pino Palladino, Jamiraquai, Reggae - you name it. If Bass was serious it was being played through a GP11. Later models of the preamp were simply not as well built. This rig has been used on stage and regularly serviced and maintained since new. It's currently being cleaned and serviced to be ready for Sale by the LEGENDARY Roland Lumby Amp Clinic in Eccles. So it will be ready for audition, collection or shipping within a couple of weeks due to his ridiculous backlog. The SKB FLIGHTCASE IS IN GREAT CONDITION, Almost as new and the current retail price on one of those is £140. I have had the amp fitted so that ALL of the connections are duplicated on the rear - even the guitar input, so you can have a very clean tidy stage set up. Mine used to connect to a second rack full of effects and processors, but all via these rear connections. I accept that you can probably buy a smaller 500w amp head from this era for little money. You may even find a newer Trace Elliot 350, 500 or 600w head. BUT. If you want the best possible original Trace Elliot sound quality then this is the only NO COMPROMISE option. You will see it weighs more than twice as much as any amp head you ever lifted. That is the power transformer in the RA500 turning your bassline into serious output power that doesn't fade with low notes. This is a must for all you 6,7,8, etc string bassists and an absolute essential for me with the CHAPMAN STICK I used live. So I am open to offers, may consider splitting in any sensible format, but as a guide please use the starting point ideas for prices below:- SKB 6U case £75 GP11 Preamp £80 RA500 Power Amp £150 UV light £30 All together £275 Or PM me for a chat and discussion
  10. very interesting read, butI wonder if any one out there in Bass Chat land could tell me what would be a best buy transmitter system given the current state of play. I used to use a NADY system at 175 too, but the tansmitter got irreperably damaged by a dropped bass bin - but I was never entirely happy with the bass frequency response from these oler units - bass end started around 80HZ if I recall - not much use for my Chapman stick or Sei 6 where I get important harmonics at half those frequencies! So do any of the newer digital kits cut the mustard whilst operating in legal unlicensenced frequency ranges, or do I have to continue wiring myself directly to main connected gear and test my earth connections rigorously (as I have been doing for years)? All useful info welcomed.
  11. do you have size and full specs and are you including delivery to Manchester for this price? I may be interested
  12. PRICE DROP TO £60 the pair - offer on table for friday - grab em now before they go!!!
  13. Well, I have posted all I know. Peavey describe the cabs as 'Bass Flex'. They were the subs from a small PA with a top hat and pole to a mid/hi cab. The bass subs have 150w blackwidow 1x 15s and they used to have a passive crossover which has been removed from both cabs, so they are now full range and 8ohms each. So together they are 4ohms and 300w, an ideal bass end to any rig, or a rig in it's own right if you like 15s. They are an easy carry for one person with two folding handles on each. They're not new, have some rust etc, but the speakers are in fine order, sound great and are a real bargain give away. If you think I can tell you anymore please PM me and I will try to respond. Lurks, PM sent mate.
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