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Steinberger Spirit 5 string - active - now £290


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This Steinberger is in white, in excellent condition, and has been modified.

I bought this earlier this year, from basschat.

It has been professionally set up by Joe White, so has a nice low action. I think originally these are passive, but when I bought it, it had been fitted with an Aguillar pre-amp and a stacked pot. I have replaced the pre-amp with a John East SPM, 18 volt, and replaced the stacked pot with two separate ones.

It has new Status half wound strings.

There in one mark on it, which is a hole where a screw was once inserted, presumably to hold a strap button. This is on the back, near the neck.

I bought it to try something different, ie, 5 strings, but don't like the longer 34" scale. My other basses are 30".

I'm looking for £360. Now reduced to £320. How about a bargain £290 ??

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