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  1. Update, having opened up the amp to get a number for the fan I found the negative wire completely chaffed through where the wires rest agents the circuit board. This was repaired with solder and heat shrink tubing, wires have been repositioned to avoid a repeat problem. Quick road test after rebuilding and all working well. I’ll see how it performs on the gig tomorrow but not expecting any problems You can just make out the black wire in the middle of the photo. RH 750 fan should run continuously as such a small powerful amp needs a lot of cooling!
  2. Hi all, I recently had my TC RH 750 enter protection mode during a loud gig this culminated in loss of sound from the amp although front of house was not affected. On allowing it to cool all was back to normal but I noticed that the fan is not running which is the probable cause. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have the part number for the fan so I can replace it thanks
  3. Has anyone out there had any experience of these triple bass cases see link here http://www.scottdixoninc.com/copy-of-triple-row-range The look the part and could possibly replace all of those cases and guitar stands !
  4. I bought one about 6 months ago, which has been used almost every weekend since then as a monitor. It's reasonably sturdy light weight and happy being bundled in to the back of a van overall the sound is ok ( although not a patch on our Yamaha front of house kit ) and can achieve good volume levels.
  5. Ta very much interesting link looks like AKG are having some issues, we're as sony system looks very good. Mind made up I think!
  6. Hi all, Has anyone had experience of the AKG DMS70 digital system as it says that it has no signal compression, any is fully encrypted resulting in no interference !? If so can you tell me if it suffers from latency ??? I'm considering this or the sony for regular gigging and am erring towards this as it is rack mountable and expandable. Thanks!
  7. [quote name='Mlucas' post='1077778' date='Jan 4 2011, 08:01 PM']Hi, i'm scouting around for a new amp set for practice and occasionally small gigging, this one caught my eye with good looking specs and an affordable price, does anyone own one which they could provide an insight into?[/quote] Hi there, sadly i've not even seen one of these however as an alternative, I used to own an Ashdown Perfect Ten 65 watt mini rig (sadly long gone). It had good tone and was loud enough for all practice situations and small gigs, mine was very reliable and could be pushed quite hard. only available secondhand now though you might want to have a look at there specs on the ashdown website under legacy..
  8. good point i hadn't thought of the posibility of one failing bringing the other down. i suppose the only way to find out what the cab was originaly is to check out the wiring within the unit!
  9. i have recently replaced the driver in my ashdown mag 115 (which had blown) with a celestion neo orange label 400 watt 8ohm and it sounds great. However now my mag 210 is being shown up to such an extent that i think an upgrade is in order to balance things out a bit. I see that the overall impeadence of the cab is 8ohm dose that mean that each of the 10's is 4ohms in series or 16 in parallel, (i think that thats the right way around) and if that is the case what about the tweeter? Dose this need upgrading or just leave it as it is? any thoughts or advice welcome.
  10. [quote name='Phil Starr' post='887504' date='Jul 6 2010, 04:41 PM']+1 for Ashdown being helpful. Have you tried another Speakon lead? It sounds like an intermittent connection and could be the socket but is more likely to be the lead. If you are my end of Dorset then Axe music in Axminster does repairs[/quote] Contacted Ashdown who were very helpful and sugested that if it was the amp, it was probably a problem with the speakon output. I had already tried a different lead, but the fault turned out to be the speakon input in the cabinet as i have now used it on two reasonably loud (and vey hot) gigs over the weekend without any problems. Thanks again for the advice...
  11. [quote name='Ian Savage' post='886497' date='Jul 5 2010, 05:30 PM']The SGC Nanyo stuff goes for absolute peanuts on eBay considering how good they are - I think any of their basses for less than a ton is money very well spent. They're lightweight, balance well and have very slim, comfortable necks - they'll do any kind of music with ease, although IMO the look of them doesn't fit some genres. I bought my SC441 in the late-90s for about four hundred quid, and the 301 was the 'budget' model at the time - that one definitely looks like it's got the slightly more steamlined body contours of the late-90s models as opposed to the oh-so-slightly more chunky-looking curves that came a few years after. I'm only guessing, but I think it's probably about ten years old, and for that price it'll do you great as long as you get on with the skinny neck! Certainly pisses all over anything you'd buy new for a hundred notes...[/quote] I have one of these basses, i think the exact same model as yours (mine is passive) and although i only play five strings now i won't be letting mine go anywhere as they come fitted with reasonable quality hardwear and are light and comfortable to play. I'm thinking about upgrading the preamp to an active one to improve it more. I seem to remember there being a thread on here somewhere about these basses.
  12. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' post='886493' date='Jul 5 2010, 05:25 PM']Email Ashdown, they are pretty good. Like they actually say if there is a fuse you can change yourself, rather than saying send it back.[/quote] Thanks very much i will give them a try.
  13. I dont know if his is the right place for this, please move if not... Half way through the second gig of the day my Ashdown mark king amp head stuttered a couple of times and then cut out compleatly. it was still sending a signal from the pre amp section to the VU and a seperate tuner but no output to the cab. having switched it off and on again as you do it worked for a couple of minutes then cut out again. in the end i had to go and get a spare to finish off the gig. Sunday afternoon tried out the rig at home and found i had output from the jack type output but nothing from the speakon output, (strangely it has only one of each) which I tested out for a couple of hours at low volume. My question is dose this mean that i have blown half of my power stage, thats asuming that it is split, or dose it sound like a problem with the spekon conector in the amp. PS i have cheched the continuity of the speakon lead and all seams fine. All advice is gratefully recived.
  14. [quote name='oldslapper' post='870057' date='Jun 17 2010, 05:37 PM']Yup still on, if people could PM with confirmation they're coming, it would be helpful plz? John [/quote] This sounds good, now in the diary, will try to be there
  15. [quote name='jake_tenfloors' post='870190' date='Jun 17 2010, 08:20 PM']AFAIK, yes you can on all of them. I know for definite you can on the Shure PSM200, so all you have to buy is an extra receiver![/quote] Many thanks you have just saved us much red faces and shuffeling of feet (not to mention cash), as we both go and order the very same thing and the local music shop.
  16. [quote name='acidbass' post='854162' date='Jun 1 2010, 09:29 PM']You have to use a dedicated AUX output, so it would help if you have one spare on your desk at the moment. Aside from that, it should be pretty simple - just route whatever mix of channels you want to your desired AUX, plug in the wireless transmitter to that output and it'll send the signal to your receiver so you can hear it in your earphones.[/quote] Can anyone tell me, is it possible to run more than one reciver from a single transmitter, as both my drummer and i wish to go down this route. we will both use the same mix and thought that this might be a good money saving idea...
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