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  1. Think my Half Wound experiment is over, making my G&L sound a bit lifeless. Where to next.....Chromes? La Bella Golds? Or Newtone :scratch_one-s_head:

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    2. BassApprentice


      Hmmm I might try a set of flats and see what I feel, especially something like the Golds/Chromes that are supposed to be quite bright.

      But it will probably end up with rounds on it again :biggrin:

    3. Sibob


      I don't mind rounds, but higher strings/notes always sound a little feeble to me now compared to flats.
      But it really depends what bass and music you're playing I guess :)


    4. daveornorm


      Maybe try Rotosound 77s - I'm really enjoying them after a long time on rounds only.

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